Suzanne Collins named one of the “Most Powerful Moms of 2012”

In honor of Mother’s Day (which is this Sunday, in case you forgot!) named the most powerful moms of the year, and Suzanne Collins made the list!

Suzanne Collins

Most Powerful Mom: Children’s Literature Star


Children: Son, 17, Daughter, 12

Suzanne Collins seems ubiquitous these days, with the kid-lit mantle proverbially passed to her by J.K. Rowling. Her bestselling book series, The Hunger Games trilogy, is still breaking records; and now there’s a blockbuster movie inspired by the first book—with more to come. Collins began her career working for children’s television, ultimately becoming the head writer for the PBS show Clifford’s Puppy Days. She also wrote children’s books including The Underland Chronicles and When Charlie McButton Lost Power.

But it was The Hunger Games that struck gold for the mom of two: The first book was released in 2008; the second, Catching Fire, in 2009 and the third, Mockingjay, in 2010. The Hunger Games trilogy of books has been on the New York Times bestseller list more than 130 consecutive weeks. And announced this year that Collins had become the best-selling Kindle author of all time. Lions Gate Entertainment acquired worldwide distribution rights to a film adaptation of The Hunger Games, and Collins adapted the book for the screen herself. The move went on to shatter records and had one of the highest gross opening weekends in movie history. Timemagazine named Collins one of 2012’s Most Influential People in the World.

Press-shy Collins said last year: “I’m not a very fancy person. I’ve been a writer a long time, and right now The Hunger Games is getting a lot of focus. It’ll pass. The focus will be on something else. It’ll shift. It always does. And that seems just fine.” Modest words for one of the most powerful women in the world.

Thank you HG Girl On Fire for the heads up!