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Swoon Reads and A+E Announce Feedback-Fueled YA Adaptation Deal

Macmillan’s Swoon Reads division has always been about what the fans want. The publishing division allows writer hopefuls to upload their manuscripts on to their site, where fans can then comment and vote for their favorites to become actual published novels. They also allow fans to choose many books’ titles, covers, and more after a manuscript has been chosen for publication.

But of course, they realize that the bookish community also loves a good adaptation!

In that spirit, Swoon Reads has teamed up with A+E Studios to develop film and TV series based on their properties, which could be featured on a wide array for networks, from cable to streaming.

“Not only will your feedback help us choose which books to publish, but we’ll be sharing that feedback with TV and film executives so you may be able to see your favorite characters on screen soon,” said Senior Vice President of Swoon Reads Jean Fiewel in a statement. “We’re incredibly excited about this new venture as we continue to create content with the reader (and viewer) in mind. The team at A+E Studios shares our passion as readers and writers, and immediately saw how the Swoon Reads community generates timely, pertinent and fresh stories ripe for further development.”

The two companies haven’t announced which Swoon Reads books are in development yet, but it seems fan feedback will be a major part of making that decision, so join the Swoon Reads community and make sure your voice is heard!

A collection of Swoon Reads titles

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