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Exclusive Interview: Meg Kassel Talks KEEPER OF THE BEES

KEEPER OF THE BEES reworks a seriously disturbing paranormal being into a whole new role! Meg Kassel‘s astoundingly original paranormal novel Black Bird of the Gallows followed one teen’s encounter with harbingers of death whose appearance meant very bad things for her town. The harbingers travel to where a tragedy is imminent and in Angie’s […]


Exclusive Interview With BLACK BIRD OF THE GALLOWS Author Meg Kassel

We’ve all seen paranormal novels before, but we’ve never seen anything quite like Meg Kassel‘s Black Bird of the Gallows, a wholly original paranormal universe wrapped in life, death, and forbidden dreams. The novel follows Angie Dovage, a teen with a dark history who grows curious about her strange new neighbors, the Fernandez family– especially […]