YA Fantasy Panel from Comic-Con@Home

L.L. McKinney, author of The Nightmare-verse series, didn’t have to say, “the world tends to be on fire a lot,” for us to understand the general craziness of the world right now. McKinney was recently a panelist for Fierce Reads presents YA Fantasy and the Power of Storytelling discussion as a part of ComicCon at […]

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L.L. McKinney’s A BLADE SO BLACK Optioned For TV, Plus Sequel Cover Reveal

Modern Wonderland urban fantasy A BLACK SO BLACK is on its way to an adaptation! L.L. McKinney and her A Blade So Black series are having a banner week! The series is a fresh take on the world of Alice In Wonderland with a modern urban fantasy twist. It follows Alice, a 16-year-old Atlanta high […]


Book Review: A BLADE SO BLACK By L.L. McKinney

The classic ALICE IN WONDERLAND tale gets a fierce, modern urban fantasy twist in A BLADE SO BLACK! On the night her father died, Alice Kingston was attacked by a creature from beyond this world known as a Nightmare. Her brush with death was her introduction to her mentor, Addison Hatta, and a universe beyond […]