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Exclusive Excerpt: TOXIC by Lydia Kang

Discover the mysterious and troubling world of Lydia Kang’s new novel, TOXIC! Hana was never meant to exist, but she does. The world around her shouldn’t be dying, but it is. Abandoned on a high tech biological ship called the Cyclo, Hana has no point of contact but a boy named Fennec, who was assigned […]

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Exclusive Interview With Lydia Kang, Author of THE NOVEMBER GIRL

THE NOVEMBER GIRL author Lydia Kang dishes on her new force of nature! Lydia Kang is smashing old magic, strange characters, and tragic pasts together to form a delightful but dangerous whirlwind in The November Girl! Anda doesn’t just control the deadly storms that could to Lake Superior every summer. She is the storms. Hector […]


Read An Exclusive Excerpt From Lydia Kang’s THE NOVEMBER GIRL

A girl made of wild magic meets her match in THE NOVEMBER GIRL! Anda isn’t like other girls… because other girls aren’t chaotic forces of nature meant to destroy. Half-human, half-hurricane force, Anda is the daughter of the lake, responsible for the storms that tear apart the Lake Superior region and kill sailors in their […]