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A conversation with Brendan Reichs and Victoria Aveyard

Brendan Reichs and Victoria Aveyard come together to discuss writing, book updates, and more! What could be better than to have two well-loved YA authors come together to discuss books and writing? Entertainment Weekly brought Victoria Aveyard (author of the popular Red Queen series) and Brendan Reichs (whose book Nemesis is definitely a thrill) together […]

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Book Review: ALLY (NEMESIS #2) By Anna Banks

Anna Banks weaves a sharp, twisty tale to finish her NEMESIS duology! After hiding in the neighboring kingdom of Theoria disguised as a servant of the young King Tarik, Princess Sepora of Serubel’s true identity has been discovered. She’s gone from a refugee and friend of the king to his fiancee. The arrangement isn’t exactly […]