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SHADOWHUNTERS Episode 3007 Recap – “Salt in the Wound”

There are a lot of wounds revealed in this SHADOWHUNTERS episode titled “Salt in the Wound,” especially how Maia became a werewolf. Clary (Katherine McNamara) catches up with Jace (Dominic Sherwood) on the roof of a building. They battle it out, but Jace is obviously the better of the two Shadowhunters, and he throws her […]

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SHADOWHUNTERS Promo & Clips: “Salt In The Wound”

Allegiances are being tested in terrifying new ways on SHADOWHUNTERS! Things are shaking up on Shadowhunters after the other characters finally realize that Jace is The Owl! Alec and Magnus seem to be patching things up (at least for the moment), but Simon and Maia encounter some serious tension with Kyle and Clary and Jace […]