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Elmo Ends The Lannister Feud in SESAME STREET’s GAME OF THRONES Parody

The Lannister siblings have a long, troubled, and bloody history to say the least, but there’s one person (or rather, puppet) who can solve it: Elmo! In a hilarious crossover parody between Game of Thrones and Sesame Street— two HBO properties on very different ends of the entertainment spectrum– an extremely tense moment between Tyrion […]

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Watch “Sharing Things,” SESAME STREET’s brilliant parody of STRANGER THINGS

SESAME STREET’s parody of STRANGER THINGS has a funny take on the characters, such as the Cookiegorgon! It’s not surprising that long-running children’s educational show Sesame Street attempted a parody of Stranger Things, the popular TV show that started on Netflix last year. The show has famously spoofed a number of TV shows and movies, and […]