Best YA Books of 2018 That You (Probably) Haven’t Read Yet

We’ve already given you the Best YA Books of 2018, but did you know that we have another list of awesome books that we love?  This year has delivered us some really amazing books, including the ones listed on our Best YA Books of 2018, which many, if not all, were listed as New York […]

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Exclusive Interview: Rachel Hartman On TESS OF THE ROAD

We had the opportunity to ask Seraphina author Rachel Hartman a few questions about her stunning new novel Tess of the Road, the book scenes she scrapped, writing, touring, and more! Did you always know that you wanted to tell this tale in the same world as the Seraphina novels. If so, did you always […]

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Book Review: TESS OF THE ROAD by Rachel Hartman

Sometimes you glimpse at a book cover, read a description, and you think you know exactly what you’re getting. I didn’t know what I was getting with Rachel Hartman‘s Tess of the Road, but dammit if I didn’t feel it all the things while reading it. This novel has some amazing, gigantic lady-balls and I AM […]