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Book Review: THE LOVE & LIES OF RUHKSANA ALI by Sabina Khan

Sabina Khan’s debut novel, as hard and heartbreaking as it is, is full to the brim with important and relevant social commentary, complex family dynamics, drool-worthy food, and is a stunning exploration of Bangladeshi culture. The Love & Lies of Ruhksana Ali follows Ruhksana, a 17-year old Bangladeshi Muslim lesbian who’s a senior in high […]


The Fandom’s Most Anticipated YA Books: January 2019

Listed in alphabetical order. Caleb Roehrig’s previous mystery thrillers are amazing, but it seems like Death Prefers Blondes throwing a new element into the mix: Sheer joy. The author is trading in dark, brooding characters for an heiress cat burglar and  a team of ninja drag queens catching the world’s attention with their wild antics. […]