Taherah Mafi’s SHATTER ME Series Adds Three New Books

Juliette and Warner’s story will continue in new SHATTER ME books!

The Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi has a rabid following in the world of Young Adult literature. However, the ending to the original trilogy, which hit shelves in 2014, left readers with a bit of a cliffhanger.

Main character Juliette and her band of powerful rebels from Omega Point defeat the Supreme Commander and gain control of Sector 45, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily qualified to lead the people, nor does it mean everyone is on their side.

Thankfully, author Taherah Mafi will be telling us what happens next in three new books!

Epic Reads just announced three direct sequels in the Shatter Me series, which will use the dual perspectives of Juliette and Warner to tell the story of life after Juliette takes control of Sector 45.

The fourth novel in the series, called Restore Me, is set to hit shelves on March 6, 2018. The 352-pager is also available for pre-order hit right now via Amazon (no joke– this is the pre-order link as Epic Reads posted it!)

The series, which follows a girl with a deadly touch in a dystopian future, is a bestseller and is currently being developed into a TV series by ABC Signature Productions. Since the release of the last Shatter Me book, Mafi released the middle grade fantasy Furthermore and wrote a YA novel called Whichwood due out in the September.

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