Tahereh Mafi Hints at Lots of “Kissy” Scenes for ‘SHATTER ME’ Sequel, ‘UNRAVEL ME’



The people at MundieMoms hosted a Twitter Chat with author Tahereh Mafi where she answered fans, and other authors’, questions.  Below I posted the more pertinent questions regarding ‘Shatter Me’ and ‘Unravel Me’ and their characters.  And for those who love Warner, there’s a lot of Warner love involved, too.   Authors Kami Garcia (of the Caster Chronicles series, including ‘Beautiful Creatures’) and Ransom Riggs (‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’) appear in the chat.  

The book comes out February 5th!  You can pre-order it now!

Now, onto the chat!


KatiebMundieMom: Real question this time… Shatter Me was such an amazing debut! Did you find it easier or more challenging writing Unravel Me?

Tahereh Mafi: it was definitely a lot more challenging to write a sequel — i’d never written one before!


KatiebMundieMom: I LOVED what you did in UNRAVEL ME, and holy hotness batman! THOSE kissy scenes! They were, um, WOW!

Tahereh Mafi: haha yeaaaaah i love the kissy scenes. i think my mom does, too, and just pretends she doesn’t.


Comment From Felicia Before you started writing Shatter Me did you know how you wanted the series to end or did you have no idea and you just wanted to see where the story would take you?

Tahereh Mafi: Felicia: when i *first* started writing SM, i didn’t have any idea what was going to happen or where it would end up. but by the time i was finished writing it, i knew where i wanted the series to go.

Juliette Ferrars by ice-ridden

Comment From Maggie So has Juliette had her power since birth or did she just suddenly develop it?

Tahereh Mafi: Maggie: shortly after she was born — old enough to crawl — her parents realized she could no longer be touched. so it was a power that developed shortly after birth.


Comment From Michelle Hi Taherah! (I have to say I love following you on Twitter. You crack me up and totally brighten my day!) Okay, just wondering, do you have any plans for an Adam e-novella? Thank you!

Tahereh Mafi: hi Michelle! i have plans for another novella, yes! but i cannot say who’s POV it will be from just yet..


Comment From elena yay! okay: Tahereh, what do you want readers to get out of Unravel Me?

Tahereh Mafi: Elena: i want readers to question everything they learned in SHATTER ME.


Kami Garcia: Tahereh, while you were writing UNRAVEL ME, did you feel the pressure to deliver a really powerful sequel for your fans/readers (like me???)?

Tahereh Mafi: Kami: hellllll yessss. people often ask me what i think the hardest part of writing UNRAVEL ME was, and i’m always like yeah basically the whole thing.


Comment From Mehray How did you come up with the idea of Shatter Me ? And what or who inspired you to start writing ?

Tahereh Mafi: Mehray: i didn’t! i was sitting at my desk one day when i was struck by the image of a girl: isolated, terrified, and locked up for a crime she didn’t intend to commit. but i was so curious about her that i decided to open a new word document and see if i could capture her story on paper. the rest unraveled (ha!) from there.


Comment From Ashley How many books are going to be in the Shatter Me series

Tahereh Mafi: Ashley: there are three books in the trilogy, + two e-novellas


Comment From Pavan Hi Tahereh!!! Why did you want Warner to have his own short story? Will Adam get one?

Tahereh Mafi: Pavan: i thought it would be interesting for readers to see things from his POV. i didn’t think many had given him the benefit of the doubt.


Ransom Riggs: Hey, Tahereh! Did you research anything in particular while writing the SHATTER ME series? Or did this amazing world emerge from your head complete and whole?

Tahereh Mafi: Ransom: yes! i visited a Home for Peculiar Children and met a lady named Miss Peregrine who told me all about a young girl named Juliette who lived all by herself in a loop and hadn’t talked to anyone in 264 days. she inspired me to write Shatter Me.


Kami Garcia: Did you base Warner & Adam on anyone in your real life?

Tahereh Mafi: Kami: i think everyone in my books is inspired a bit by all the people i’ve met and loved/liked!


KatiebMundieMom: QUESTION- There are quite of few great music questions being asked. 1) What music do you listen to when you write 2) do you have a theme song in mind for UNRAVEL ME?

Tahereh Mafi: Katie: 1. I can’t listen to music *while* i write, but i do listen to! it helps get me out of the beautiful orange county weather we’ve got going here. and the song that, i think, set the entire tone for UNRAVEL ME — for me — was Sometime After Midnight by the Airborne Toxic Event.


KatiebMundieMom: QUESTION-
This has been asked a few times, Will fans find out why Warner can touch Juliette in UNRAVEL ME *smirks and bites tongue*

Tahereh Mafi: Katie: Kenji is absolutely definitely based entirely on the amalgamation of my older brother’s personalities. he’s snarky and funny and super inappropriate, and if you met my brothers IRL you’d think you were talking to Kenji.



Tahereh Mafi: ET VOILA! the shatter me shoes:

Warner by ice-ridden

Comment From Stephanie O. I haven’t read Destroy Me yet… do you see it at an essential part of the story to be read prior to Unravel Me?

Tahereh Mafi: Stephanie O.: i definitely see it as an essential part of the trilogy — i think it should be read at some point; before or after UNRAVEL ME.


Comment From Julienne What inspired you to create a character like Warner?

Tahereh Mafi: Julienne: i am super super curious about a human being’s capacity for good and evil. i wanted to explore a personality that teetered on the edge of both.


Comment From Celine Everyone picks the MOST AMAZING names for their book characters. How did you come up with your characters’ names?

Tahereh Mafi: Celine: i just… really, really liked the names Adam and Juliette. i picked them out before i even wrote the book. but Warner is his last name! (you’ll learn his first name in UNRAVEL ME). and i picked the name Warner for a cheesy reason: it has the word “war” in it.


Comment From Harley Bear Book Blog If you could have a super power what would it be?

Tahereh Mafi: Harley: i’d want the power to have ALL THE POWERS nom nom


Comment From Ariel any special meaning/reason behind Warner’s first name?

Tahereh Mafi: Ariel: i’ve just always loved that name. i think it’s very solid and dignified. it seemed to suit him.


Kami Garcia: Tahereh, tell us about your amazing covers! Is there a story behind them?

Tahereh Mafi: Kami: they’re new covers! we repackaged the series because we wanted something that would better reflect the story. the eyes are very metaphorical — very reflective of the setting and the inside of juliette’s head.


KatiebMundieMom: yes, I love cover questions. Did you get any say in your covers and your cover re-designs?

Tahereh Mafi: Katie: yes! harper was really great and kept me involved every step of the way. i really really really love the new covers!

Tahereh Mafi: (and i’ve just seen the cover for book 3! wheeeeee)


Comment From Book Worm Would you ever consider the Shatter Me series into a movie? If so please don’t we love the book just the way it is.

Tahereh Mafi: Book Worm: Shatter Me was optioned for film by 20th Century Fox! fingers crossed — we’ll see what happens!


Comment From Icye Will we find out the meaning behind the bird in Unravel Me or the last one?

Tahereh Mafi: Icye: you’ll learn the meaning of the bird in the third book. in a way that i hope surprises and delights you.


KatiebMundieMom: OKay, I have to ask. Which was your favorite kissy scene to write in Unravel Me? The one towards the beginning of the book or the one towards the end?


Kenji by ice-ridden

KatiebMundieMom: Which of your characters surprised you the most in terms of the changes they made from Shatter Me to Unravel Me?

Tahereh Mafi: Katie: i actually think Kenji really evolved in UNRAVEL ME — he becomes such an important, integral character and i love him to bits.


KatiebMundieMom: I think I mentioned this in my interview with you, but Kenji really surprised me in UNRAVEL ME. He steals the limelight a bit and I loved that.

Tahereh Mafi: Katie: yes! i have so much fun writing him.


Comment From Celine Does Kenji find someone? :3

Tahereh Mafi: Celine: Kenji is too good for the ladies of Sector 45.


KatiebMundieMom: Tahereh- Have you done any dancing in those awesome SHATTER ME shoes yet?

Tahereh Mafi: Katie: i did some awkward robot dance movies


Comment From Book Worm What is Kenji’s race!?!?! Me an my sister have been arguing about this for months!She says asian is I say black.

Tahereh Mafi: Book worm: Kenji is Japanese! 😀


KatiebMundieMom: Tahereh- Do you have a favorite line from UNRAVEL ME that you can share with us tonight?

Tahereh Mafi: UNRAVEL ME sneak peek: “Somehow I end up on top of him.”


KatiebMundieMom: I missed a couple questions asking for a book 3 tease. Are you able to tell us a tiny bit about what we can except to happen? Like A LOT more kissy scenes? 😉

Tahereh Mafi: Katie: i think some scenes in book three got a little too intense. my editor very politely suggested we consider pruning some of the scenes.

Tahereh Mafi: but! book three: lots and lots of action, lots of kissing, lots of Juliette being unapologetically awesome.

Juliette and Adam by ice-ridden

Comment From BrerMatt intense kissy scenes?

Tahereh Mafi: BrerMatt: yes, let’s call them “kissing” scenes


KatiebMundieMom: Tahereh- What’s one thing you admire about Juliette?

Tahereh Mafi: Katie: her inner reservoir of strength and her compassion for the world. she’s the kind of teenager i wish i could’ve been.


Comment From Ariel Will we find out if Warner’s mom is alive?

Tahereh Mafi: Ariel: yes! in UNRAVEL ME!


Comment From Celine will we see Warner’s back story?

Tahereh Mafi: Celine: absolutely! and for more of that: read DESTROY ME

Now what have we learned from this chat?  That mirror shoes are awesome.  Authors have way too much fun.  Warner has a first name.  And ‘kissy scenes.’  Also, we need to read ‘Unravel Me’ when it comes out!  

To check out the whole chat, go to MundieMoms.

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