Take a look at the haunting GRIM LOVELIES cover

Megan Shepherd’s latest book, GRIM LOVELIES, has a lovely (and grim) cover!

Megan Shepherd has captivated hearts with books like The Cage and The Madman’s Daughter. Her new novel, Grim Lovelies, is as haunting as the title suggests.

It is about Anouk, who is tied to the form of an animal, and has never seen the world outside of her mistress’s Parisian townhouse. There comes a day when she has to venture outdoors and into the unknown. That, or she would risk being an animal forever.

The cover of Grim Lovelies is both enchanting and mysterious. No doubt it fits the spellbinding story set in modern day Paris!

Grim Lovelies is a darkly enchanting saga set in Paris that focuses on the forgotten characters of fairy tales.

Anouk’s human form is tied to her mistress’ dark magic after being enchanted by an animal. She’s never stepped outside of Mada Vittoria’s Parisian townhouse, but when her mistress is murdered, Anouk and her fellow beasties only have three days before the spell fades and they turn back into animals forever. In a desperate attempt to save themselves, they venture into the outside world and discover a well-kept secret.

Grim Lovelies arrives in bookstores on October 2, 2018. You can pre-order a copy via Amazon.


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