Take Hypable’s ‘How Well Do You Know Four’s Body?’ Quiz!


How well do you know Four’s body? Take Hypable’s quiz and find out!

“Divergent’s male lead is named Tobias Eaton, but he’s more commonly know by his Dauntless name, Four.

Do you know him as well as you think you do?

If you’re visiting this quiz, chances are that you love Four. We don’t blame you. He’s Tris’ other half in Veronica Roth’s Divergent series and possesses admirable qualities like strength, kindness (most of the time), and good looks (all the time). Readers fell in love with the way he looked out for Tris during the trilogy and fought for what he believed in.

When it comes to his looks, there’s a lot to like. His face. His body. His tattoos. So take our quiz to find out how well you know him. You will receive a score at the end that we encourage you to share with your friends so you can find out how well they did!”

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