Taylor Cole to Make Reappearance in SUPERNATURAL

Taylor Cole

Looks like they’re pulling more recurring characters from seasons past as Taylor Cole will be returning to reprise her character of Sarah Blake:

Taylor Cole, who played art gallery owner Sarah Blake in the season-one episode “Provenance,” will be returning in an upcoming season-eight episode. The character was a love interest for Sam (Jared Padalecki), and helped out with the Winchesters’ investigation.

She was feisty and fun, and a perfect fit for Sam. It’ll be interesting to see what the writers have cooked up for her when she turns up again in the upcoming May 8 episode.

Producer Jeremy Carver teased that Cole won’t be the only familiar face popping up this season, which connects to the ongoing season arc to close the gates of hell:

“[She’s] not going to be the only blast from the past. The reappearance of old friends is somewhat related to the trials, and not in a very good way.”

This is a very weird picture

If you’ve been in this fandom long enough, you know that not very many female actors that are on the show end up being liked much, especially if they become some kind of love interest to either of the brothers.  Still, it’ll be interesting to see how the character will cross paths with the boys.  Will Sam and Sarah renew that interest?  Will the female fans boil in jealous rage?  We’ll find out.  

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