TEEN WOLF at SDCC 2016: Tyler Posey and Holland Roden Interviews

TEEN WOLF stars share Season 6 details at San Diego Comic-Con International!

The cast and creator of MTV’s Teen Wolf are down in San Diego for Comic-Con International and we had the pleasure of chatting with them about their characters, their favorite moments from seasons past, and what’s to come in Season 6!

First off, Tyler Posey talked about how seriously Scott McCall takes his position as a protector of Beacon Hills, how he’ll react to the new villains coming into town, and the important messages about respect and being true to yourself featured on the show.

Holland Roden talked about Stydia and her hopes for the characters, of course, but also talked about staying in the moment with her character and not hoping for too much. Lydia’s return to the pack life is a big subject, as well as how Lydia’s family will play into her motivations.

Teen Wolf held its Comic-Con panel shortly after our interviews, at which time the show announced that Season 6 will be its last. It looks like the characters will finally graduate and move on for Beacon Hills, but not until they’ve take on a mysterious new enemy on horseback who will wreak havoc, plus the Nazi werewolf from the Dread Doctor’s lair.

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Check out the official Teen Wolf Season 6 trailer MTV released during the event.

Teen Wolf returns to MTV for its final season this fall.

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