Temple Run gets ‘Brave’, Pixar Style

If you’re a Disney/Pixar fan and you’ve ever played the super addicting mobile app Temple Run, you’ll be thrilled to hear about this new collaboration!

Pixar and Temple Run creators Imangi Studios have come together to create Temple Run Brave, a version in which you play as the newest Disney film’s star!

In this version, you’ll play as Merida running through the Scottish highlands to evade the demon bear, Mordu. Along the way, Merida can use her archery skills to shoot targets for extra points!


Temple Run Brave Merida
Temple Run Brave


Temple Run Brave will be released on June 14. The app will cost 99 cents to download, but each player starts off with 2,500 coins (which would cost you 99 cents to purchase in the free version of the game, anyway.)