TFIOS Fan Art: TFIOS by *palnk

art by palnk

I love these sketches of Hazel and Augustus, but I’m also overjoyed that someone decided to actually sketch up one of Augustus and Isaac.  Isaac is, after all, Gus’s best friend.

Augustus, grand as he is, giving the killing thing no power to kill. (spoiler: I just love how in the book, when asked how is he doing, he always reponds “Grand”… like hes giving just his name. I think i made him look a bit older in this picture.. which is sad i guess, since hell never be, cause hes a fictional character and for other reason too :( he also looks a bit like my version of Will here (ID) wich is unfortunate since they do not look alike in my head, I failed in that first picture)

via TFIOS by *palnk on deviantART.

By Kait

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