TFIOS Fan Art: Ho Ho Hopefully by ~Agnesaur

Ho Ho Hopefully by ~Agnesaur on deviantART
Hazel Grace Lancaster & Augustus Waters
by Agnesaur

It can be easy to forget all the good things you have throughout the year, all the people you’ve been fortunate to love and who love you – those infinite moments.  It’s almost sad that we need the holidays to remind us how good we have it, and how important the people in our lives are, no matter how short or long they’re in it.  But it’s for that reason that Christmas (or any of the holidays this time around) exists, to remind us of the hope that we have and the love given to us.

Have a Merry Christmas all, and may 2013 be filled with tons more infinite moments.  

Hazel Grace Lancaster & Augustus Waters (from The Fault In Our Stars) artwork titled Ho Ho Hopefully by Agnesaur on deviantART.

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