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THE 100 is Divided in New Season 5 Poster

Check out a new poster for THE 100 season 5!

The CW has just released the official poster for the upcoming season of The 100, and its looking like there may be some divide among our lead characters. Check it out below:

Though this poster looks very cool, it does have me a bit worried. What does this mean for our characters? Are they going to be fighting each other as well as the people from the prison ship? We know from the past that our team works best together, so if they’re at odds it cannot be good. Though this does also hint at reunion between Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and the crew who went into space, including Bellamy (Bob Morley), so that is good news, at least.

We’ll find out what’s to come for the Skaikru when The 100 returns on Tuesday April 24th at 9pm on The CW.


By Kait

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