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THE 100 “Red Sky at Morning” Recap and Commentary

In this recap and commentary of The 100, “Red Sky at Morning,” we talk about the Delinquents’ quest on the oil rig, Pike and Murphy almost destroying ALIE, Raven almost destroying ALIE, and the City of Light completing its migration.

The Oil Rig

On the oil rig, Shay is telling a story to everyone in some sort of common area. While she’s telling the story, Bellamy and Clarke try to go and talk to Luna, and she tells them that the ship will be back soon, and that, when it gets there, they need to leave. Bellamy, who of course doesn’t want to leave without Luna taking the flame, tells Luna that ALIE and the City of Light are so dangerous and powerful that it could destroy everything and everyone–no matter where they are.

When Luna finishes talking to Bellamy and Clarke, she talks to Octavia and gives Lincoln’s journal back to her. Luna tells Octavia that Octavia doesn’t want someone to save them, she wants someone to fight with them, and, as we learned last episode, Luna doesn’t fight anymore, so she can’t help them.

Luna then tells Octavia that the oil rig is a society that takes in people who are done fighting and killing and that, possibly, because Octavia is blinded by her anger, she doesn’t necessarily understand Lincoln’s original intent in sending her to the oil rig (which is totally possible).

After Shay finishes her story, she goes and joins Jasper and pours him a drink. When they’re talking, it’s so obvious that Jasper is finally getting some shred of happiness, something that he very much deserves.

While sitting with Clarke and Octavia, Bellamy notices that Jasper is actually smiling. He turns to Clarke and tells her that he looks happy, but Clarke ignores him, intent on solving the Luna situation. Bellamy notices that Clarke is staring at Luna and tells Clarke that she needs to “let it go.”

Clarke tells Bellamy that they can’t leave without Luna taking the chip, and Octavia shuts down Clarke, telling her that they don’t have a choice in the matter. However, Clarke tells them that perhaps they can do something about.

She goes on to suggest forcing Luna to take the flame by putting it into her head without asking. While Octavia completely shuts down an idea that doesn’t give Luna any choice (something that ALIE does do), Bellamy tries to reason with Clarke, giving her some other meager options.

In the end, Bellamy ends up siding with Clarke, as he most always does, and supports her decision.

The next day, Luna is teaching some (incredibly cute) children some rope/fishing techniques when Clarke shows up to talk to her. Clarke asks about where the children have come from, and Luna tells her that the children have either run from the conclave or have become orphans due to war.

Luna then goes on to talk about Lexa and her conclave. She tells Clarke that Lexa was Titus’ favorite, and notices that Clarke cared about Lexa a great deal. To try and convince Luna to take the chip, Clarke tells her that Lexa was working towards a change for Grounder culture– that she was working towards a “blood must not have blood” mentality. Clarke continues to (exhaustingly) tell Luna that the flame is her birthright and that some causes are worth dying for.

Clarke activates the chip, and Luna basically beats her ass for trying to force her into taking the flame. This fight scene was absolutely spectacular. Not only is Luna is a badass, she tells us that the reason she left the conclave was because she knew that she would win. (So, basically, Luna is amazing and we all love her.) Luna takes the chip from Clarke and tells her that she’ll get it back when she leaves.

Later that night, a bunch of guards take Bellamy, Clarke, and Octavia to the shipping container, and, lo and behold, ALIE is there, in the corner, looking on. Then, they attack Luna, capture her, and lock the delinquents in the crate. Somehow, Luna’s people were influenced to take the chip.

While ALIE’s people are locking up Bellamy, Clarke, and Octavia, Jasper is walking with Shay, saying goodbye. When Jasper sees the guards who’re obviously controlled by ALIE, Jasper tells Shay to run and warn everyone else. ALIE tells the guards that she can’t escape, and the guards shoot her. Jasper’s face is absolutely devastated. Then, before he can get away, the guards capture Jasper.

Pretty soon after, the ALIE/City of Light guards have Luna tied down on a table, and they start waterboarding her in order to get her to take the chip. This scene was especially brutal– no one wants to watch someone be waterboarded.

In the shipping crate, Bellamy and Octavia are actively trying to get out when Clarke realizes that ALIE is trying to access ALIE 2.0 through Luna. She says that ALIE is going to force Luna to take the chip, and then implant the flame in her, so that ALIE can have access to the ALIE 2.0 program. Additionally, Bellamy realizes that the drone that he tried to shoot down in 3×11, followed them to the oil rig.

In the room with Luna and Jasper, the Grounders are still trying to force Luna to take the key. ALIE tells the guards that Jasper is “decreasing the efficiency of the progress” that they’re trying to make on Luna, and she says that she needs Jasper to take the key. In order to make him do this, the Grounders start beating up Jasper. (I mean, come on, hasn’t he suffered enough!)

Then, Luna’s lover, Derrick, agrees to take the chip if they stop hurting Luna. So, he takes the chip and helps Luna off the table, only to start drowning her to get her to take the key. In this moment, we feel so bad for Luna. She’s gone through so much, and she has to suffer through her lover trying to kill her. However, Luna remains resilient.

In the box, Octavia tells Bellamy and Clarke that the oil rig was safe until they got there. Looking at all of them, you can tell how heartbreaking this fact is. All they’ve wanted to do, especially Clarke and Bellamy, is to save their people. However, what they’re doing is, sometimes, at the expense of others.

Suddenly, the door to the crate opens, and the delinquents see Shay, on the ground, dying. She tries to tell them something, but dies before she can.

In the torture room, Luna is still being drowned, but when they bring her up for air, some guards bring a child in (a child who’s obviously important to her). When the guards threaten her using the child, Luna jumps into badass mode, and kills all of the guards.

However, ALIE tells Derrick to kill Luna, and they fight. After trying to keep from hurting him, Luna is forced to kill the love of her life.

As soon as Luna kills Derrick, Octavia, Clarke, and Bellamy come into the room. While Bellamy goes straight to comfort the child, Clarke and Octavia stand and watch as Luna cradles her dead lover in her arms. This scene is absolutely heartwrenching. Nadia Hilker’s performance is absolutely stunning and so emotionally raw. If we couldn’t already love Luna as much as we do, this scene proved that she’s a dynamic, badass, and real character.

Octavia goes to untie Jasper, and the scene ends.

In the next scene, the Grounders are preparing for a kind of funeral service for Derrick and Shay. Bellamy warns Clarke that any of the people in that room could be chipped. This got us thinking. After the ALIE/City of Light attack, it would be a definite possibility that Jasper could be chipped. We never saw Jasper completely reject or take the chip, so it could be a definite possibility.

When Luna comes and sees Clarke, Clarke apologizes to Luna about Derrick, and uses it as a warning of the threat that they’re facing. Luna tells Clarke an extremely poignant line that, to us, wraps up an important symbol that’s in the show: “To defeat an enemy who will stop at nothing, you must stop at nothing.”

Luna offers the Delinquents wine, and everybody in the room makes a toast to their fallen brethren. Suddenly, Octavia and Bellamy pass out, and Clarke realizes, right before she goes unconscious, that Luna has drugged their drinks. Luna’s cleverness may have made us love her even more.

When Clarke wakes up back on the beach, Bellamy stares at Clarke as she checks to make sure that the chip is there. In one of the last scenes of the episode, Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper look to Clarke as Bellamy asks her what they’re going to do next.

From this scene, we got a lot of season 1 vibes, and it made us extremely happy.


In Polis, we start out in the prison where one of Indra’s people is trying to convince her that Murphy’s plan is good. While Indra just wants to kill Jaha and run, Murphy convinces her that he’s not their leader, ALIE is.

Then, a bunch of guards come in to the prison and ask if anyone is ready to take the key, and Pike tells them that none of them are ever going to be ready to take it. Is it bad that Pike is kind of growing on us lately?

When the guards look at Pike and sees all of the cuts on his body, ALIE realizes that someone has gotten loose from their chains. The guards start checking everyone’s chains to see which ones are loose, but when they get to Indra, she stabs them with the huge nail that kept her chains in the wall. I think it’s safe to say that, despite what she’s gone through, Indra is still a badass.

When the guards are dead, Indra threatens Murphy into telling her what he knows about ALIE and how they can destroy it. So, Murphy tells them about the backpack, and Indra tells the rest of the group that it’s inside the sacred chamber.

While Indra’s other people run out of the cell to escape Polis, Murphy remains with Pike and Indra to go find the backpack. To our dismay and delight, Pike tells Murphy that his father would be proud of him, and we get really emotional.

While Indra, Pike, and Murphy are going to locate the backpack, ALIE tells Emori that she needs to make sure to not shoot to kill. She then goes on to talk about why she needs ALIE 2.0– She needs to talk to her creator.

When they get to the chamber, right before Murphy stabs the backpack with a spear, Emori tells Murphy that the backpack is a nuclear fuel cell, and that, if they destroy it, it would wipe out the entire city. Murphy hesitates because he doesn’t really know what to do, and they hear ALIE’s guards trying to beat down the door. Pike and Murphy try to think of some way to destroy the backpack without radiating the entire city.

In the City of Light, ALIE tells Jaha that she requires 60 seconds to complete the “migration,” and, at that point, the door in the sacred chamber is almost broken down.

Emori, once again, tries to convince Murphy to not destroy the backpack, and she tells him that if he destroys ALIE, the minds of everyone in the City of Light will be completely gone. While we don’t know if this is true, this is such an interesting idea. What will happen to the brains of everyone in the City of Light when the Delinquents, hopefully, finally shut it down?

After Emori tells Murphy this, he’s unable to stab the backpack, so Pike has to do it. Right after Pike destroys the backpack, there’s a strange, peaceful silence. Murphy looks at Emori, hoping that the City of Light is finally gone, but Emori looks up at him and says that they were too late.

Realizing that they’ve failed, Murphy, Pike, and Indra escape. Then, the guards finally make it into the room, only to find Emori with a sack over her head. He tells the soldiers to find the tunnel that they escaped through.

Just like with Raven, they were so close to destroying ALIE, but still so far.

City of Light

In the City of Light, the Grounder who was killed by Indra in the jail cell appears in front of ALIE. He apologizes to her for allowing them to get away, and, interestingly, ALIE acts like a merciful mother by forgiving him.

Jaha then announces that the first of the prisoners who escaped the cell are being crucified in order to force them to take the chip, and then one of the Grounder prisoners appear, apparently, not taking long to take the chip.

Then, ALIE tells Jaha that she’ll use Emori to get what they want by stopping Murphy, Pike, and Indra. When Emori appears to receive her orders from Jaha and ALIE, Jaha tells Emori that she can rid herself of her “disfiguration.” However, Emori tells him that she doesn’t see her hand as something that’s bad. This is so freaking important. We love that this message is being sent to the audience of The 100– that you need to accept who you are. We loved this scene.

Later in the episode, ALIE tells Jaha that the migration isn’t complete yet. We’re not quite sure what this means.

During the scene where Pike and Murphy are trying to figure out how to destroy the backpack, Jaha tells ALIE that, when the guards break down the door to the sacred chamber, Jaha will be there to get the backpack. Then, ALIE tells Jaha that if Clarke won’t help them insert the chip into Luna, they’ll need Murphy alive. With ALIE not being able to chip Luna, we wonder how exactly ALIE plans on accessing the 2nd AI.

Suddenly, ALIE realizes that someone is trying to access her code. While they don’t know it’s Raven (which is really interesting), they know that the intrusion is coming from Arkadia. Additionally, ALIE tells Jaha that she knows it’s not Sinclair because he’s dead. This left us scratching our heads. How does she know that Sinclair is dead? Is one of the Delinquents at Arkadia (possibly Harper) chipped? We’ll have to wait and see.

ALIE panics because she can’t log Raven out of her system, and she can’t remove herself from Arkadia for safety reasons. She realizes that, if Raven destroys the code, ALIE will be terminated. Finally, Raven gets inside the citadel, and she tries to find the kill switch for ALIE.

ALIE and Jaha try to stall Raven by sending Hannah, Monty’s mom, in to distract Monty and delay Raven’s hacking. However, Monty, who’s really strong and courageous, decides that he needs to delete his mom’s code from the mainframe.

When Raven tries to hit the kill switch, it doesn’t work, and Monty is devastated.

In the last scene of the episode, ALIE tells Jaha that the migration is complete and successful, and we see ALIE, on the Ark, staring into space. We have no idea what this means, but we’re so excited to find out.


At Arkadia, Raven is shocked with the amount of people that ALIE and Jaha have been able to collect for the City of Light. While Raven wants to go in and search for a way to destroy it, Monty reminds her that they only have one shout and that they need to wait for Clarke.

Harper comes in, asking how things are going. When she gets a few looks from Monty and a resounding silence from Raven, she understands that things aren’t the best. Harper tells Monty that he needs to take a break, and he gets up and walks out of the control room with her.

Harper talks about how neither Monty nor Raven have stopped working in nearly two days, and how Monty needed a break from everything.

Harper stops in the middle of a room and tells Monty that the airlock is already sealed. At this point, Monty’s pretty confused, he doesn’t really know why Harper has brought him out here. Then, to both our surprise and Monty’s, Harper kisses him. While we didn’t see this coming, we absolutely love it. Harper leads Monty off to a bedroom, and they have sex. Monty protests at first, saying that they have too much work to do, Harper tells Monty that reality can wait.

After they’re done and (adorably) cuddling, Raven walks in, rolls her eyes, and says, “Finally.”

While Monty was off taking his “break,” Raven has found out where the Citadel is and, the biggest part, ALIE is hiding something there. Monty, once again, says that they need to wait until the others come home because, while Raven is freakishly good at this stuff, she’s not an AI.

Monty realizes that Raven is going to do it no matter what he says, so he tells her that they’ll do it together. (I love when the Delinquents get along).

Raven starts to work at breaking into the Citadel when she realizes that something is in the way: Hannah. Monty tells Raven that she sounds so real to him, and Raven tells him that, because her brain has been uploaded to the City of Light, it is her.

Hannah tells Monty that she knows how much pain he’s in, and she wants to be able to take that pain away. Somehow, and we have no idea how he did it, Monty is able to be strong enough to delete his mother from the mainframe, so that Raven can continue to find the kill switch.

Finally, Raven gets through the last door and finds the illustrious kill switch, but, suddenly, everything goes dead. ALIE has pulled herself/her code from Arkadia.

Monty, who has basically had to kill his mom a second time, thinks that everything that they just did was for nothing. He basically blames everything on Raven because he’s so upset. Raven tries to apologize to him, but Monty won’t listen.

Everything hurts, and we’re incredibly sad.

The next episode of The 100, “Perverse Instantiation – Part One,” comes on Thursday, May 12 on at 9/8c.

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