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THE 100 “Stealing Fire” Recap and Commentary

In this recap of episode 9 of The 100, “Stealing Fire,” we discuss Clarke’s new job as Flamekeeper, Ontari’s incredibly disturbing mass murder, Kane and his group’s exodus from Arkadia, and the death of one of our favorite characters. In other words, we’re discussing how this episode broke our hearts into a million tiny pieces.


So, this week’s episode started out in Polis right where episode 7 left off. Lexa has just died, and Titus announces that a new commander must be chosen as soon as possible. Clarke realizes that, with the Ascension so close, the commander must be willing to work with her people. If not, then the entirety of Clarke’s people are almost as sure as dead. So, Clarke, instead of returning back home, demands to be brought to Aden, one of Lexa’s trainees and, possibly, the new commander.

When Clarke finally meets with Aden, he promises her that all the other Nightbloods have sworn to Lexa to protect Skaikru from any potential violence from other clans. While this scene is extremely moving and touching, it’s broken by Ontari, the Nightblood from the Ice Nation. Ontari is a lot of things. She’s sadistic, cruel, and basically unfeeling. But the one redeeming characteristic about her is that she is such a badass. You don’t have to like her, but you have to admit how freaking badass she is.

After the scene with all the Nightbloods, we were left with an extremely disturbing and graphic surprise. Instead of waiting for the protocol of the Conclave, Ontari has slaughtered all of her other competition. She has murdered children who barely look 12-years-old. We’ve had a lot of graphic, messed up scenes on The 100. We’ve seen people hanged. We’ve seen Grounders burned to a crisp. But I don’t think we’ve ever seen something quite as messed up as this. Was it gratuitous violence? Perhaps. Was it necessary? Absolutely.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself that this is a CW show.

So, after this, Rowan tells Clarke and Murphy that they need to leave immediately, but, of course, Clarke resists. This is a persistent occurrence throughout the entire episode. No matter how many times Murphy or Titus or even Rowan try to talk some sense into Clarke, she just won’t listen. While it is understandable that Clarke would act this way because Lexa has just died, she has to remember that there is nothing left for her in Polis.

So, instead of leaving like she’s supposed/needs to do, Clarke sneaks back into Polis.

Clarke goes back into Polis into a basically sacred sanctuary-type-thing, only to be found by Titus. Titus accuses Clarke of being responsible for Lexa’s death, and, in a way, he’s kind of right. For Lexa, Clarke became a distraction. This weakness led to her downfall as a leader.

While Titus and Clarke are talking, Clarke convinces Titus that there is hope for another commander besides Ontari. From this, we find out that there is a remaining Nightblood among the Grounders. Luna, Lexa’s eighth competitor in her own Conclave, is still alive. Luna, who was mentioned briefly in season 2 by Lincoln, can be the Grounders (and Skaikru’s) salvation. Because of this new information, Titus gives Clarke the AI chip and transfer his job, as Flamekeeper, to her.

Right after Clarke is given the chip, Ontari barges in (and pushes Murphy down the stairs in the process) and demands to be made Commander immediately. Titus tells her that she must undergo the purification process beforehand and sends Murphy to take Ontari to the Commander’s chambers to do so.

Right after Ontari’s pretty long/awkward bath scene, Titus is discovered to have given the chip to Clarke. While Murphy tries to convince Rowan and Ontari that Titus is necessary to do the ceremony, Rowan slits Titus’ throat and kills him.

Almost immediately after, Ontari’s Ascension (without the ceremony) is announced to all the clans. Indra, who is watching Bellamy, realizes what the horns mean, and leaves him by himself in the cave.


The Arkadia plot begins with Lincoln trying to instill some hope in his people who are in the prison cell with him. Pretty soon after, Pike, Bellamy, and some soldiers come to the prison to announce that everyone in the cell will be sentenced to death, just like Kane. However, Lincoln argues on behalf of his people to keep them safe from death. Bellamy tries to support Lincoln’s suggestion by saying the Grounders had nothing to do with what happened to Pike. So, he officially announces that Kane, Lincoln, and Sinclair are all sentenced to death.

At the end of last episode, we finally saw a small glimpse at the season 2 Bellamy that we all knew and loved, and, now, in this scene, you can see how incredibly guilty Bellamy looks in comparison to his soldier counterparts.

After the sentencing, Bellamy and Monty meet up with Miller and Harper to try to get in on whatever plan they have to get Kane, Sinclair, and Lincoln out. Immediately, before saying anything, Bellamy rips out the microphone that Bryan, Miller’s boyfriend planted on him. While Miller and Harper still don’t trust Bellamy and Monty enough to tell them any information or share any plans, Bellamy tells them that if they want help to tell Octavia that he’ll meet with her at the dropship.

At the dropship, Indra and Octavia, to Bellamy’s surprise, meet up with him. While Bellamy tries to go in for a hug, Octavia drugs him and chains him up in a cave. You can tell, as soon as Bellamy wakes up, how hurt and betrayed he feels, but, at the same time, he thinks he deserves it. This is one of the most heartbreaking parts. Bellamy has made a lot of mistakes this season. There’s no argument against that. However, he wants to help set Lincoln, Kane, and Sinclair free, but Octavia won’t let him, and that kills him. Octavia and Indra are withholding and opportunity for Bellamy to redeem himself, and, I think, that’s what Bellamy deserves right now.

Back in Arkadia, Miller confesses to Bryan about working with Kane to get rid of Pike, and from Bryan’s reaction, finds out that he is the one who planted the mic on him. To say that Miller was angry is an understatement, and it’s totally heartbreaking.

Before the execution, Kane is brought out to talk to Abby. What really bothered us last week was the fact that Abby was nowhere to be found when Kane was trying to bring down Pike. She was completely absent, and it honestly doesn’t make any sense. Maybe if she were there to help him, things wouldn’t have ended the way they did.

The scene between Abby and Kane is absolutely heartbreaking. There’s so much love between these two characters, and you can tell that, somehow, they’ve become a part of each other. So, basically, this scene really messed me up. It was so good.

The last few scenes in Arkadia of this episode are, I think, among the best scenes in the entire show. When dawn rolls around, it’s time for the executions. While we haven’t been privy to any plans that Harper and Miller may have created, by the time Harper shows up, we know that something has been set in motion.

While the beginnings of the rescue plans are beginning to unfold, Bellamy talks to Indra and tries to convince her to set him free. However, she tells him that she won’t do it. While Bellamy wants to save Octavia, Indra has faith that she can save herself and her friends.

When Pike and his soldiers get word that the prisoners have escaped, they attempt to search for them but don’t succeed. Octavia successfully hides Lincoln, Kane, Sinclair, Miller, and Abby (who joined their group) under the floorboards of a room.

However, while they’re trying to escape, their plan is almost foiled by Hannah, who is listening in on Harper’s walk talky. Monty lies to Pike, the soldiers, and his mom in order to save his friends, and it gives me hope that he’s not completely lost to the craziness of his mother after all.

When the escapees get to the exit, Abby tells Kane that she can’t leave Arkadia because the people need someone to guide them. After a tense silent moment, Kane and Abby FINALLY kiss and holy crap, it’s one of the sweetest and most passionate kisses on this show.

After Kane and Abby kiss, Pike announces that, basically, if there is no execution, all of the Grounders will be executed. So, in order to save his people, Lincoln decides to give himself up to Pike. While Octavia tries to stop him, Lincoln drugs her so that she can get away from Arkadia with the rest of the group.

God, guys, this scene is probably one of the most emotional deaths on this show. Lincoln allows the soldiers to arrest him, and out in the courtyard area of Arkadia, with Octavia watching them, Pike shoots him. While a lot of people seemed to not like this scene because of how graphic it was, I think it has a strange, poetic paradox to it. For someone who has preached and asked for so much peace, he meets an undeserved violent end.

The always amazing Lincoln is honorable and badass until the bitter end.

What does this mean for the future?

  1. In the season 3 trailer, we see Octavia basically beat Bellamy while she is very upset. I think that, in the next episode, we’re going to get that scene, and it’s going to be really hard for both Bellamy and Octavia. Octavia, who has just lost her true love, is going to practically disown Bellamy, and it’s going to be a moment of realization for him. That moment is going to be the time that really turns Bellamy around.
  2. Clarke is going to arrive somewhere near Arkadia. My favorite personal theory is that she will find Bellamy after Octavia’s beaten the shit out of him, but we have no proof of that. Somehow, she’s going to meet back up with the old crew and tell her about her plans to find Luna.
  3. Abby, Raven, and Jasper will conspire to get rid of Jaha and ALIE. Will they be successful? Who knows.

The next episode of The 100, “Nevermore,” comes on Thursday, March 7 at 9/8c.

What did you think of “Stealing Fire?”


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