The 2nd Annual Clash of the Epic Characters begins this Saturday!


It behooves us to say that 2013 came and went without a clash.  Never fear!  We have returned with new and better clashes for 2014!  And it all came down to you fans!

The seeding of the characters was determined by number of votes the characters received from each fandom, with no help from the “gamekeepers” aside from the choosing of the fandoms.  (Don’t worry, we plan to have other fandoms represented in the years to come, so if you don’t see characters from your favorite YA  fandom represented this year,  they just may partake next year!)

Round One of the Clash of the Epic Characters, aka COTEC, will be pretty swift.  You’ll only have a day to for your characters in each clash, and there’ll be 8 days of 1st round madness, with 4 different clashes per day.

Here are the first four pairs that will be clashing on Saturday, March 1st!  
  • FOUR (Divergent) vs. HAZAEL (Daughter of Smoke & Bone)
  • TRIS PRIOR (Divergent) vs. ZUZANA (Daughter of Smoke & Bone)
  • FINNICK ODAIR (The Hunger Games) vs. PRINCESS BITTERBLUE (Graceling)
  • HERMIONE GRANGER (Harry Potter) vs. JEANINE MATTHEWS (Divergent)

To see the rest of the clashes that will be happening in Round 1, check the bracket image below.  Click image below to enlarge the bracket.



For updates and reminders about The Clash of the Epic Characters, follow us on Twitter @fandomnet with hashtag #cotec2014.  Last year’s victor was Percy Jackson.  Who do you think will become victor of the 2014 Clash of the Epic Characters?  Sound off below!

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