THE 5TH WAVE Hits Hard In First US Trailer, Plus Stills and Movie Tie-In Novel

The first US trailer for THE 5TH WAVE gets gritty!

We all know the first four waves the aliens use to disintegrate the human race: Darkness, destruction, pestilence, and invasion. But as the first US trailer shows, The 5th wave will be the most devastating of all.

Based on the books by Rick Yancey, watch as Cassie Sullivan and her family are rocked by a horrific alien invasion. When they’re torn apart, Cassie must find her way back to her brother, Sammy. But in a world where all humanity is nearly lost, how can either of them survive?

Thankfully, this trailer features a lot less voiceover than the international sneak peek release on September 1st. We’re also getting a much better look at the military action with Colonel Vosch, Ben, Ringer, and their team. Along with it comes three new stills courtesy of USA Today.

In addition to the action-packed trailer, Entertainment Weekly has released the new movie tie-in edition of the Rick Yancey novel, which uses the first major movie poster!


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