The Audiobook of THE BANE CHRONICLES’ “The Last Stand of the New York Institute” Now Available!



Earlier, we had mentioned that Jamie Bamber was going to the narrate the audiobook version of The Bane Chronicles’ The Last Stand of the New York Institute, and it is now available!  EW. com posted an exclusive clip from the audiobook, and there’s also some Q&A from Jamie himself, which we’ve transcripted here for you:

On Jamie’s favorite scene and what he likes about Magnus Bane:

“It was actually the very first scene, when Magnus is outside the clinic.  Um, and the description of his, um, wardrobe.  That’s the bit that took a bit to relish over, I think, but that’s a really great strong instruction to the character.  I wasn’t familiar with the books, but that really hooked me.  For me, the best bit about Magnus Bane is his worldly laconic fatigue.  I kind of like that slightly loosh seen-it-all, and yet he’s got a sort of enthusiasm for things nonetheless.  It’s that sort of strange contradiction that I like.

On what BSG fans will think of Magnus Bane and the series:

I would’ve thought Battlestar Galactica fans are probably quite drawn to this world.  Fans of the show are encouraged to jump into a different world, literally, but one that sort of looks a lot like ours, and comments on the world in which we live.  I think the authors are playing with a similar thing here.

On whether immortality is a gift or a punishment:

I’d say that living forever here is, ah, undeniably, both a gift and a punishment.  I’m sure at times it must be desperately difficult to have seen it all before and not to get bored with it.  But, life is a gift, and if it goes on forever, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

To listen to a 10 minute sample of the audiobook, go to


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