The Blog Most Likely To… Have Way Too Many Book Feels (Plus Giveaway!)

For THE BOY MOST LIKELY TO…, we reveal why we’re The Blog Most Likely To…

We’re sharing some reading confessions in celebration of Huntley Fitzpatrick’s upcoming novel The Boy Most Likely To…! And much like our reactions to books, things are about the get messy!

See, we’re The Blog Most Likely To… have way too many book feels!

You can see some of those feels in our reviews of Huntley Fitzpatrick’s My Life Ne

We’re avid readers. The books we love have influenced and shaped us in way that most of their authors will never know. We don’t just read the book. We get invested. Perhaps a little too invested, even. So let’s delve into it, shall we?

Much like our homegirl Matilda, there are plenty of book moments where we basically witness the best scene or read the best line EVER. There’s a snarky comeback or the characters FINALLY get together or the mystery clicks together once and for all!


But there’s also plenty of moments when evil is winning, unexpected deaths are happening, the break-up was awful, and nothing is ever, ever going to be okay again.


See, even though we’re not actually the ones battling corrupt governments or wielding superpowers or making exciting new friends that re-shape our lives, we get the vicarious sense that we are. In our relatively quiet lifetimes, we give to be a whole slew of different, outrageous people via the books we read.


So we can’t help it! When the main character is successful, we root for them. We sigh. We squeal aloud and earn worrisome looks from strangers on public transport. Because guys, those two characters we’ve been giggling over totally just kissed!


And when we lose a character, we lose our minds. Because every character that’s important to the main character is important to us! They can’t be dead! Especially if we haven’t seen the body. NOBODY IS DEAD IN BOOKS UNTIL YOU SEE THE BODY, DAMMIT! AND MAYBE NOT EVEN THEN!


And when a friend reads the books and doesn’t understand why we care so much, we can’t help but think of them a little differently…


Clearly, we’ve got too many book feels. But it’s a good thing, right?! It means we’re inspired to run and offer you awesome giveaways like the one in the Rafflecopter below!

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