THE BONE SEASON’S Samantha Shannon Talks More About Waterstones Event

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Samantha Shannon details more about the time frame of the having the movie version of The Bone Season released.  Movie making of this caliber and this early in the process should not be rushed, and so this is what she had to say:

Andy [Serkis] gave us a rough time frame for the film, which is great, as I honestly had no idea when we could expect to see it finished. At this stage, getting it to the screen will most likely take another three years – which seems like a long time, but remember, there’s a lot of work to do in the interim. A director to find, characters to cast, concept art to be done, a world to build. The next stage is getting the script written. We’ve got a double-Oscar nominated screenwriter on board, the name of whom Andy and Jonathan were hoping to reveal last night, but his contract hasn’t yet been finalised. (I’ve met him and he’s great.) Keep an eye out for the announcement within the next two weeks. If Andy’s guess at the time frame is correct and we don’t run into any major hurdles,The Bone Season will most likely hit the silver screen in 2017 or 2018.

I was asked what kind of cameo I might like in the film, and I decided I’d like to be credited as “Obnoxious Red-Jacket 1” at Nashira’s feast. Andy said he’d love to play a Buzzer, which I think we can all agree would be absolutely amazing.

She also talked about the possibility of her characters being whitewashed, which we know to be a disgrace to the characters described of various ethnicities (though not always outright described by a specific nationality), even if those fan casted are truly desirable white actors:

I’ve already discussed this on Tumblr in response to a reader’s worry about whitewashing in fancasting for Warden – i.e. white actors being suggested to play a character with skin of “dark honey gold” – but it’s a subject worth stressing, so I’ll paraphrase myself here. I can’t stand whitewashing in films, and I will do everything in my power to make sure characters like Julian, Liss, Nadine and Zeke are not played by white actors. I want to reassure everyone that there has been no official discussion whatsoever about casting at this stage. Fancasts are just fancasts. We were really interested in hearing them, but one or two fans suggesting Tom Hiddleston or Cillian Murphy does not mean that either of those two actors will get the role, as some recaps of the event have implied. I would never publicly slam down a reader’s suggestion – that’s their opinion of how the character looks in their head, and they have every right to state it – but that doesn’t mean I agree, or that it will have any bearing on our choices in the future. If you’re interested in reading more about the Rephaim, ethnicity and whitewashing, then take a look at my full response here.


At one point, actor Andy Serkis, who is involved with the making of the movie, discusses the idea for the film.  And Samantha reads an excerpt from book 2 of The Bone Season series, The Mime Order.  Check out both videos after the jump!

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