The Book Trailer for Kiera Cass’s THE ONE Is Up Now


Yes, there are still love triangle stories out there.   They can be tiring, but sometimes they can be exciting and adventurous and heartbreaking.  And Kiera Cass‘s The Selection trilogy is certainly one of them.  If you’ve been following along, we’re sure you have a favorite.  Maybe it’s Prince Maxon, the young royal searching for a bride among the hopefuls that are still in the running, one of them being the female protagonist of the story, America Singer.  Or it’s the Guard Aspen Leger, who was America’s first love, but broke her heart when he decided to end things with her because he didn’t think he could provide for her.

Check out the book trailer for the final book of the series, The One, by clicking on the image below.  Will America choose Maxon or Aspen?  Or will the choice be made for her?