The Capitol.PN Introduces “Capitol Concerns” Feature, New Image of Peeta & President Snow

The Capitol.PN has updated the site and social media accounts to include a new, very white photo of Peeta and President Snow looking just like statues.  A powerful image to say the least,  between Snow’s icy glare and Peeta’s nearly blank expression and clinched fist.  Personally, I find it painful just looking at Peeta.  Anyone else agree?

capitol pn new photo

In addition to this, a new section titled “Capitol Concerns” was added for all citizens to voice their concerns to the Capitol — because we all know the Capitol is here to help, right? You can share your concerns about goods & labor, enforcement & safety, public figures & leadership, ethics & moral policy, and history.  Rest assured, the Capitol IS Listening!

capitol concerns

Let us know what you think of these new features, and the overall marketing of Mockingjay Part 1, now that it has begun!

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