The Cast of SUPERNATURAL Celebrates 200th Episode

It is no small feat for a weekly television series to hit its 200th episode.  It takes basically 10 years to do so, and shows tend to peter out in about half that time these days.  Show creator Eric Kripke had originally projected about 5 seasons for Supernatural, but many people, not counting the fans, felt the show could go on longer.  And despite the network having moved the show several times during its run (aside from Saturday, Supernatural has aired on a different night for at least one season each), Supernatural has been the most resilient show that I know of.

For Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, the chemistry between the two actors both on screen and off screen was essential in making this show work on so many levels.  And the ones that’ve joined them for the long haul have become just as essential to the show, so I’d like to thank them for making it this far and for appreciating the loyalty of their fans (Supernatural conventions, in which many of the main stars participate in, have become a regular – albeit pricey – staple for many of the fans).

Check out the photos from the 200th episode (titled “Fan Fiction” – watch the trailer after the jump) celebration held in Vancouver on October 18th, and the CW Fan Party in Los Angeles on November 3rd.  In attendance were Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Danneel (Harris) Ackles, Genevieve (Cortese) Padalecki, Misha Collins, Mark Pellegrino, Mark Sheppard, Felicia Day, Eric Kripke, executive producers Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer, and many many others.

Check out the cute and funny “Photo Booth” gifs of those who attended at The Bosco!

One last thing: The mid-season finale for Supernatural will be December 9th!


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