The Silver Chair script has finally been completed!

David Magee, the screenplay writer for Finding Neverland and Life of Pi, had been writing The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair script for over a year now and he recently tweeted out on his personal account that he finally finished writing the first draft for the adaptation for the fourth book of the Chronicles of Narnia series, written by C.S. Lewis.

We had to do some searching, but Magee, who is apparently new to Twitter, opened up a public account for which fans can tweet to him on, and this is some of what he wrote about writing The Silver Chair:

I have to say, I certainly wasn’t sure what was going on with The Silver Chair, and wondered if we’re ever going to see it come to life on the big screen, as the previous Narnia films haven’t been met with as much high praise as other YA book adaptations, like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. However, they haven’t been necessarily awful adaptations either. With Magee as the screenwriter, I’m hopeful this one will surpass its previous adaptations.

We’re still a ways from getting the book turned into a movie, but this one step in the process looks to be the right step. The next step would probably be in finding a director to helm the project.  With it being so early in pre-production, I don’t even want to speculate if Will Poulter or Ben Barnes will be returning to reprise their roles as Eustace Scrubb and Prince Caspian respectively.  Will especially has grown quite a bit since The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Although these actors may be contractually obligated to return to the franchise, I hope they want to come back as well.

Will at Nerd HQ during San Diego Comic-Con 2014 to promote The Maze Runner

Still, I want to see all the Narnia books out on film.  They are beautifully fantasy tales for all ages.

Source: Collider

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