epiccharacterlogo-2014With your votes, you chose the tributes to partake in this year’s Clash of the Epic Characters.  You’ve found them worthy characters to face off against other worthy characters for the honor of being the most epic character of 2014!

This year, you not only got to choose which characters will participate, but the number of votes for each character was the deciding factor in their seeding.

Now, you get to choose again.  Which ones will move on to Round 2, which ones will fall.  It’s up to you to decide.  You can vote more than once.

Round 1 will consist of different clashes per day for the next 8 days.  So, come back again to vote for the next sets of clashes during this lightning round week.

WARNING:  May contain spoilers! 

Here are the fourth sets:

(voting for this set of clashes ends at midnight EST on Saturday, March 8, 2014)


The Darkling (13) vs. Peregrine “Perry” (52)

The Darkling
Book Series, Fandom:  Shadow and Bone, Grisha Trilogy

He is the leader of the Grisha and lives in the Little Palace in Os Alta. Bardugo envisioned him to be “gorgeous and mysterious and dangerous.”[2] Despite his mysterious attitude, he is kind to Alina and defends her when Baghra screams at her for being too lazy. At the grand ball in the palace, he takes her into a room and kisses her, revealing his feelings for her. The Darkling, however, was only attempting to seduce her to win her good favor as part of his plan. However, it is not clear whether or not he truly did have feelings for her. – Shadow and Bone wikipedia

Peregrine “Perry”
Book Series, Fandom: Under the Never Sky, Under the Never Sky

Peregrine aka Perry is a member of the Tide tribe and brother to the Blood Lord, Vale. Perry feels a deep responsibility to his Tribe, which is small, underfed, and living in the midst of deadly storms, but he can be headstrong and impatient. When his nephew is kidnapped by Dwellers, Perry lives the Tides to get him back and on the way, he meets Aria. The two form a relationship that’s based off their ability to help each other but soon blossoms into some more. 

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hbarWill Herondale (14) vs. Aria (51)

Will Herondale
Book Series, Fandom: The Infernal Devices, Shadowhunter Chronicles

He comes across as rude and arrogant, always utilizing his quick wit and sarcasm. He is aware of his good looks and uses it to get his way. This is in fact a front that he uses to keep everyone at arms-length. He is actually caring and would risk his life for the people he loves. He is also self-sacrificing.

Will reads extensively and has a perfect memory. He can find a quote for almost any situation and often makes his own (very bad, although sometimes purposefully) poetry.- Shadowhunters wikia

Book Series, Fandom: Under the Never Sky, Under the Never Sky

Aria is a dweller in Reverie, a Pod that protects humans from the nearly destroyed world outside and keeps them constantly entertainment within an endless, nearly mindless virtual reality. She is best known for her friendly nature and wonderful singing abilities. After being blamed for a scandal involving high-ranking official’s son, Aria is exiled from Reverie and thrown into the outside world, which dwellers commonly refer to as “The Death Shop”. Aria begins a desperate journey to find her mother in another pod, but along the way she discovers the dangers of the outside world. She meets a reluctantly helpful member of one of the “savage” tribes, Perry, who teaches her how to fight and survive in this strange new territory. She discovers the worries she had while in Reverie were nothing compared to the true horrors that threaten her world.

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Thomas (15) vs. Eowyn (50)

Book Series, Fandom: The Maze Runner, Maze Runner World

 Being the Greenie in the Glade, Thomas surely has what it takes to fight Grievers, protect his friends and solve secret codes. He will do almost anything to help his friends, including going through the single most painful thing that can happen to a person who goes into the maze in order to get information that may help everyone escape. Thomas is one of the strongest fighters in the Glade as well as the more humble boys in the Glade.

Book Series, Fandom: The Lord of the Rings, Middle-Earth Chronicles

In the land where men seem to be the dominating sex, Eowyn stands out as stronger and more resilient then your regular non-elf, non-dwarf, non-hobbit female princess of Rohan.  She wants to fight alongside her people instead of hiding like the rest of the females.  Although she has a hard time finding her voice among those that wish to keep her safe, she is able to show her strength against one of the most powerful enemies of middle-earth, and defeats him.  And although she though she wanted to marry one man, she found love with another, which is pretty amazing. 

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hbarUriah (16) vs. Kenji Kishimoto (49)

Book Series, Fandom: Divergent, Divergent Trilogy

Uriah is a Dauntless born initiate who befriends Tris Prior and introduces her to Dauntless life.  He was tall and handsome, with dark tanned skin and dark eyes. His smile looked white against his bronze skin. He had brown hair. He had a snake tattooed behind his ear. – Divergent wikia

Kenji Kishimoto

Book Series, Fandom: Shatter Me, Shatter Me Trilogy

We first see Kenji as a soldier in Warner’s army, but later discover he is part of the resistance at Omega Point. He has a very close relationship with Castle, the leader of Omega Point. He has the ability to become invisible which comes in handy in sticky situations. He becomes Juliette’s best friend and helps train her to master her abilities. He is very confident about his looks. He can be a jokester and gets on people’s nerves at first, but is a great leader and an even better friend. When the going gets tough he rises to the challenge.

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