epiccharacterlogo-2014With your votes, you chose the tributes to partake in this year’s Clash of the Epic Characters.  You’ve found them worthy characters to face off against other worthy characters for the honor of being the most epic character of 2014!

This year, you not only got to choose which characters will participate, but the number of votes for each character was the deciding factor in their seeding.

Now, you get to choose again.  Which ones will move on to Round 2, which ones will fall.  It’s up to you to decide.  You can vote more than once.

Round 1 will consist of different clashes per day for the next 8 days.  So, come back again to vote for the next sets of clashes during this lightning round week.

WARNING:  May contain spoilers! 

Here are the fourth sets:

(voting for this set of clashes ends at midnight EST on Sunday, March 9, 2014)


Sturmhond (17) vs. Lady Katsa (48)

Book Series, Fandom:  Shadow and Bone, Grisha Trilogy

 Sturmhond is the young, quick witted “privateer” who joins the dangerous quest for the second amplifier, the Sea Whip. His allegiances are hidden under a sly smile and seemingly never-ending charm, but the secret he’s hiding beneath that facade continues to make him intense and fascinating.

Lady Katsa
Book Series, Fandom: Graceling, Graceling Realm

Katsa is a fiercely independent woman who does not like being restrained. She has a somewhat apathetic nature due to the isolation in her past and can become easily angered. She will often seem stern and very serious, not laughing much at all in Graceling. By her own admission, her grace is hard to control due to her intense emotions occasionally getting the better of her.

However, she has a very kind heart, as shown by how she started the Council just to help all the people of the seven kingdoms who have been wronged by the seven kings. She helped Bitterblue learn to defend herself and decided to help other girls across the country with self-defense lessons. Katsa seems to have a certain level of dignity and respect for life, as she says that she tries to avoid killing when she can. She has a good sense of leadership, which has allowed her to be regarded as the leader of the Council. She seems to be fearless for the most part and has no problem doing potentially dangerous missions. However, while she can be seen as a very analytical and perceptive combatant, she is oblivious to the emotions of others, including her own. – Graceling wikia

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hbarLegolas (18) vs. Ky Markham (47)

Book Series, Fandom: The Lord of the Rings, Middle-Earth Chronicles

Although he lived among them and in their culture, Legolas was not fully of theSilvan Elves. As a son of the Elven-king Thranduil, who had originally come from Doriath, Legolas was at least part SindarinElf, as his mother’s identity is completely unknown. This is complicated by the fact that a small minority of Sindarin Elves ruled the predominantly Silvan Woodland Realm of Northern Mirkwood, a minority to which Legolas belonged. The Sindarin minority in that realm, who should have been nobler and wiser than the Silvan Elves, can be seen as having “gone native” at the end of the First Age: after Morgoth was defeated and all of the grand Elf-kingdoms of Beleriand were destroyed, they can be seen as going back to “a simpler time” in their culture.

Like all elves, Legolas has a great respect and appreciation for nature. While in Fangorn Forest he longed to return once more in order to explore its wonders more thoroughly. He is kind, and cares greatly for his friends, even Gimli the Dwarf, though it was a rarity for elves and dwarves to express a liking for one another because of their feud. Due to his age however, he sometimes seems rather patronizing toward the mortals around him. – LOTR wikia

Ky Markham
Book Series, Fandom: Matched, Matched World

Ky Markham was adopted by his aunt and uncle when he was 10, shortly after his parents unusual and untimely death. Ky is a lower class member of The Society known as an Abherration and as such he cannot marry. Though the reason for this status is unknown, it soon becomes clear that Ky has some dark secrets in his past. Despite this, he is gentle and caring. His different outlook on the world opens up new dreams and opportunities for Cassia as together they take on the false promises of The Society.

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Gandalf (19) vs. Cassia Reyes (46)

Book Series, Fandom: The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings, Middle-Earth Chronicles

He’s a keen wizard, able to piece things together to solve a puzzle here and there.  He calls to creatures for aid often, which is pretty awesome.  He faces off against one of the most evil monsters all on his own to save the Fellowship from death.  And then he rises as an even more powerful wizard.  He’s been able to help guide both Bilbo Baggins and then Bilbo’s nephew, Frodo Baggins against Sauron and his followers.  He’s one of the best wizards around! 

Cassia Reyes
Book Series, Fandom: Matched, Matched World

Cassia Reyes lives in a society in which everything is carefully decided for yo: Where you live, where you work, and even who you marry. Cassia is thrilled when she is “matched” to marry her best friend from childhood, Xander Carrow. But when her Matched Department issued information disc about her match briefly shows her the face of Ky Markham, another boy from school, she’s instantly curious about him in ways that the Matched Department certainly would not approve. Soon, Cassia grows close to Ky and when The Society finally interferes, Cassia seeks out The Rising risks it all by defying The Society in a monumental quest to achieve free will. 

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hbarJune Iparis (20) vs. Warner (45)

June Iparis
Book Series, Fandom: Legend, Legend Trilogy

June is always analyzing and constantly observes. She is very logical, and is very selfless and sympathetic towards others.  But she tends to hold long grudges against people who do wrong by her, sometimes to a very saddening fault.  She’s tough, but she’s not immune to emotional pain.  She finds strength in her intelligence and ability to keep record of things in her mind, relying on keeping track of certain things, like time.  

She has a temper and a recklessness to her that’s admirable, but sometimes can be dangerous not only to herself, but to others.  Although when she realizes her errors, she is quick to feel great remorse for it, so much so that she is willing to sacrifice her own happiness for sake of peace and happiness for the one that she loves, even if she cannot be with him. – Legend wikia

Book Series, Fandom: Shatter Me, Shatter Me Trilogy

Warner is the son of the leader of The Reestablishment. He grew up in an abusive home environment which is the reason behind his antagonistic behavior toward Juliette at the beginning of the series. He falls in love with Juliette and begins to change. Through Juliette’s love, he is able to let his true self show and ultimately helps Juliette and The Resistance. Warner learns that he has the ability to absorb other people’s abilities and use them as his own. This is the reason he is able to touch Juliette without her harming him. 

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