epiccharacterlogo-2014Well, we have a tie!  Unfortunately, in Clash of the Epic Characters, only one can move forward into the next round.

Magnus Bane, our ever-loving, wonderfully witty, and powerfully magical warlock from The Shadowhunter Chronicles (and his very own Bane Chronicles) faced off against the snippy, clever, and tough Johanna Mason from The Hunger Games.

It seems these two were equally loved, so this means a tiebreaker round in which they have to square off against each other yet again.

You have 24 hours to break this tie.  And if it ends up being another tie?  Well, a “shoot out” will come into play.

WARNING:  May contain spoilers! 

(voting for this set of clashes ends at midnight EST on Monday, March 10, 2014)


hbarMagnus Bane (30) vs. Johanna Mason (35)

Magnus Bane
Book Series, Fandom: The Mortal Instruments, Shadowhunter Chronicles

Magnus can come off as aloof, but he’s always ready with a witty or sardonic remark for any occasion. He enjoys being the center of attention, and as such, is a showman in terms of behavior, wardrobe, magical displays, and general living arrangements. Like many people who crave attention, a lot of this is in reaction to the rejection he faced as a child at the hand of his parents. When they found out the truth about his heritage, they believed he was a monster and tried to kill him. Though he acts as if this no longer bothers him, having given himself completely over to his Downworlder side and now wearing it as a mark of pride, he obviously still suffers from fear of real rejection.  He is very deeply offended by Shadowhunter treatment of Downworlders, having been one of the warlocks actually present to sign the Accords, and having done quite a bit to rankle Shadowhunter authority into ceasing to abuse Downworlders who did not engage in monstrous or illicit activities.  

Despite appearances, Magnus has the capacity to be immensely loyal to people who earn his respect or love. He might not always be willing to admit it, but he does care about what happens to them, and this manifests in his own unique way of lending aid when necessary.  – My Magnificence

Johanna Mason
Book Series, Fandom: The Hunger Games, Hunger Games World

Johanna is very sly and perceptive. She understands the greater good of the districts and is willing to give up her life for freedom. She can be pert and difficult at times and is an expert at deception. She is described as sarcastic and snarky when she’s not having a “victor’s breakdown”. She is very gutsy when it comes to showing her dislike of the Capitol. She is not afraid to show her feelings about the Capitol and President Snow. During her interview for the third Quarter Quell, she complained that the “deep bond” between victors and the Capitol should not be severed and wondered if something could be done to change the Quell.

Impatient and cruel at times, she can be rather vicious toward others both verbally and physically – such as when she slaps Katniss and insults her many times. However, once she becomes friendlier toward Katniss, she proves herself to be a person who has good reason to have a more aggressive approach towards fighting against the Capitol, and someone who is often just as misunderstood as Katniss was. – Hunger Games wikia

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