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The CW Announces SUPERNATURAL’s Return, Series Finale Dates

After a few extra months due to the pandemic, SUPERNATURAL’s end is nigh.

Things are getting real–and close– re: Supernatural‘s end. Filming for the show is set to resume tomorrow, August 18th, in Vancouver. As if that knowledge wasn’t painful enough, The CW has revealed two dates that the SPN Family will never forget.

SPN‘s season 15 will resume on Thursday, October 8th at 8/7c. The show will hold its classic time slot up until the series finale on Thursday, November 19th. A special entitled “Supernatural: The Long Road Home” will air at 8 PM followed by the very last episode at 9 PM.

What does this special entail? Not many details yet. But a tear-jerker? I feel like that is a guarantee.


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