THE DARK ARTIFICES Snippet From Cassandra Clare’s Tumblr Q&A

Snippet from THE DARK ARTIFICES shows the dark side of angels.

On Tumblr, Cassandra Clare answered a fan question: “If demons are inherently evil, are angels good?”

Cassandra Clare answered that question in this snippet:

“Let me tell you a truth before you die, Emma,” said the voice. “It is a secret about the Nephilim. They hate love, human love, because they were born of angels. And while God charged his angels to take care of humans, the angels were made first, and they have always hated God’s second creation. That is why Lucifer fell. He was an angel who would not bow to mankind, God’s favored child. Love is the weakness of human beings, and the Angels despise them for it, and the Clave despises it too, and therefore they punish it. Do you know what happens to parabatai who fall in love? Do you know why it’s forbidden?”

The narrator of this quote is unknown.

So, in spite of Raziel assisting the Shadowhunters in a couple of situations, it is made clear that angels despise humans and seemingly want nothing to do with them.

Artwork by cassandrajp

Artwork by cassandrajp

To see the full Tumblr Q&A, check out Cassandra Clare’s blog.


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