THE DARKEST MINDS Get New International Poster, TV Spot

Ruby and Liam get close and the battle rages in new peeks at THE DARKEST MINDS!

Two new looks at The Darkest Minds have arrive thanks to international distributors!

Set in a near future dystopian America, the movie will take audiences through a world in with 98 percent of children were wiped out by a vicious plague and the 2 percent who survived have developed startling powers ranging from extreme intelligence to mind control. These children have been placed in cruel “camps” by the government, who fear their power. Ruby is an orange, hiding her abilities and tricking everyone into thinking she’s a green– until the day she has an opportunity to escape and search for the storied resistance in the outside world.

Rather than focusing on the whole Blue Betty crew, the international poster features Ruby and her love interest, Liam, in an overgrown field at sunset. Ruby appears to be evaporating away, but don’t worry– there’s no Thanos-style issues happening here. Ruby has the ability to play with people’s minds and change what they see, and this is just a visualization of that.

While it’s a little sparse, this new poster definitely lets you feel the chemistry between Liam and Ruby!

If you’ve seen all of the other trailers and promo, this new international TV spot (in English with foreign subtitles) will look mostly familiar, but there are some new shots of a major battle sequence that show off the Psi powers nicely!

Watch the TV spot at the top of the post.

The Darkest Minds hits theaters on August 3, 2018.

By Kait

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