The Divergent Pronunciation Guide

Veronica Roth has heard some pretty funky pronunciations of Divergent characters and factions over the past year, so she literally spelled it all out for us in her latest blog!

 Tris: TRIH-ss (As opposed to “treece” or “tryce,” both of which I’ve heard.)
Tobias: Tuh-BYE-us
Uriah: Yer-EYE-uh
Jeanine: Juh-NEEN

Divergent: Die-ver-jen-t
Abnegation: Ab-neg-ay-shun
Amity: Am-it-ee
Candor: Can-der
Dauntless: Dawn-t-less
And the big one:
Erudite: Air-yoo-dyte

Were you pronouncing any of these incorrectly before Veronica cleared it up?