The Divergent “Risk Everything” In New INSURGENT TV Spot

Would you risk everything to protect your loved ones and personal freedoms?

Tris, Four, and their allies are seriously under the gun in the latest TV spot for the DIVERGENT sequel, INSURGENT! “Risk Everything” contains slices of the recently released “Worth It” clip, as well as new footage of the Erudite attack on Amity and the Dauntless invasion of Erudite.

We wish to had more details on the smaller new flashes in there, but right now it’s a mystery to all of us!

In INSURGENT, the Divergent and their allies will fight back against the wicked Erudite regime that’s out to destroy them all. On the run and searching for the answers as to why the Erudite want them dead, Tris and Four are facing life or death.