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The Fandom’s C2E2 Recap + Photos!

Check out some highlights of our time at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo last weekend!

2018 PosterWe had an amazing time at C2E2 2018! If you’re like us, conventions are always fun and the best kind of exhausting, and April 6-8 was no different!

We spent the weekend walking around and looking at amazing cosplays, hearing some interesting panels, and exploring a huge show floor full of Fandom related goodies!

Cosplays this year featured a huge variety of characters – some of our favorites included Jessica Jones and so many amazing Wonder Women! C2E2 also features the Crown Championship of Cosplay, which was a fun ceremony that crowned Alchemical Cosplay as the winner.

Another highlight was speaking with the creators of the new Scooby Doo universe film Daphne & Velma. We got to hear encouragement and experience about being a woman in the film industry, including from one of the film’s stars, Sarah Gilman.

She explained that the upcoming film really focuses on reinventing the iconic characters in a way that empowers well-loved characters and shows them in a new light. We love hearing about the process behind adaptation and YA centered characters! Similarly – on an inspiring note – she encourages young filmmakers and content creators not to give up on their art, and to continue breaking down barriers in the entertainment industry.

We also had a great time at the Star Wars themed Family Central. It’s always fun to see kids and families dressed up and cosplaying together! We even spotted this amazing Porg cosplay (not gonna lie, we’re definitely jealous).

C2E2 boasted many interesting and unique panels this year. Our personal favorites were various dicussions on different aspects of the Marvel Universe! This included one focused on creating the visual world of Marvel, which was super interesting and allowed fans a closer look into what goes on behind the scenes of what goes into creating a visually expansive world.

The show floor was packed with amazing vendors. We loved visiting the VRV art tunnel and checking out the Harper Collins book booth.

Per usual, artist alley was expansive and wonderful. More than a place to blow money on commissions, its setup was spaced out enough to allow for us to talk to many talented comic artists and animators. A favorite was Samir Barrett, a storyboard artist who dazzled us with multiple commissions and a specialty in original character creation!

C2E2 was a blast! We’re hoping that next year we’ll see an even wider range of guests, and can’t wait to see how panels continue to diversify and grow. Did you attend C2E2 this year? Let us know your favorite panel! And if you haven’t been… we highly recommend!


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