The Fandom’s PAPER TOWNS Fancast

We’re unabashedly enthusiastic fans of John Green here at The Fandom, so we were enthralled when we heard PAPER TOWNS would be adapted by the team behind THE FAULT IN OUR STARS! To celebrate, three of our admins are sharing their fancasts!

Before we start, it should be noted that we would definitely be okay with a super talented unknown being cast in ANY of these roles.

Now, on to the good stuff!


Kait’s Pick – Ariel Winter

While she’s not very well known outside Modern Family, Ariel Winter is a sharp actress with talent that would easily allow her to take on all the different sides and varying emotions of Margo Roth Spiegelman. The irony is that by actually being around the same age as Margo, she may be too young to be cast in the role.

Darrell’s Pick – Mary Kate Wiles

While still pretty much an unknown actress, her role as Lydia in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries really impressed me. Mary Kate has shown that she can play the “bad girl”, but also bring that emotional gravitas that will be required for the role of Margo.

Megan’s Pick – Isabelle Fuhrman

In everything I’ve seen Isabelle in she has been pretty threatening/scary, I positive that she could bring out both the crazy, fun-loving side and the sad, “paper girl” side of Margo.


Kait’s Pick – Liam James

Liam proved he could play awkward-shy like a pro in The Way, Way Back, but I’ve been dying to see him spread his wings since! Awkward but exceedingly confident Ben would be a brilliant role for him to take on, especially in the fragile moment where he borders between Q’s friend and a total jerk.

Darrell’s Pick – Thomas Mann

Thomas’ characters in Project X and Beautiful Creatures both bring that slightly-offensive-but-ultimately-harmless quality that will be needed for a character who refers to girls as “honeybunnies”.


Kait’s Pick – Malcolm David Kelley

Malcolm gave a genuine, poignant performance on LOST in his younger years, but moved on to smaller projects after leaving the show. This role would give him an amazing chance to have some fun and explore those lovely contemporary teen years.

Darrell’s Pick – Brandon T. Jackson

Brandon’s performance as Percy’s best friend Grover was one of the few things I liked about the Percy Jackson movies. He could bring that same comical yet genuine persona to this film.

Megan’s Pick – Michael B. Jordan

Even he may be a bit old to play a high schooler, he blew me away in Chronicle a few years back. And I think he would be pretty good at saying “The world’s largest collection of black Santas”.


Kait’s Pick – Abigail Breslin

Lacey has to be a very pretty girl, but she also has to be MORE than that. We learn that beneath it all, Lacey is insecure and a bit nerdy herself. Breslin is a brilliant actress and could easily give that role wits and depth!

Darrell’s Pick – Olivia Cooke


Megan’s Pick – Teresa Palmer



Kait’s Pick – Jessica Sula


Darrell’s Pick – Zoey Kravitz

Megan’s Pick – Zoey Kravitz



Darrell’s Pick – Jemima West



Megan’s Pick – Robbie Kay

I know Robbie is British, but his acting as Peter Pan in Once Upon a Time is some of the best I have seen from any actor young or old. Trust me, he can play any kind of villain you got, even is it is a just jerk of an ex-boyfriend.


Kait’s Pick – Tina Fey

There’s just so much potential for Quentin’s oh-so-well-adjusted parents to be hilarious! Tina can do that and also expertly bring things down to a more serious level when needed.

Darrell’s Pick – Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald starred in some of the greatest coming-of-age comedies of all time. Since this movie could very well be added to their ranks, I feel like having her involved in some way would be a cool idea!

Megan’s Pick – Patricia Clarkson

Have you seen her as Olive’s mom in Easy A?


Kait’s Pick – John Green

Okay, I’m totally pushing it at this point. But Quentin’s parents are probably only going to have a couple scenes and wouldn’t this be AMAZING?!

Darrell’s Pick – Jon Cryer

Ok, yes, this is just me wishing Duckie and Andie ended up together in Pretty in Pink 😉

Megan’s Pick – Stanley Tucci

Have you seen him as Olive’s dad in Easy A? And everything else he has ever been in?


Who would you cast in PAPER TOWNS? Let us know in the comments below!

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