THE FAULT IN OUR STARS Tops 2014 E-Book Sales List

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS Tops 2014 E-Book Sales List

PubTrack Digital, a unit of Nielsen BookScan, released the e-book sales report for 2014 and it showed that John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars tops the sales list. With the suceess of the movie that starred Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort as the young ailing couple, it is probably no surprise that the movie definitely helped increase book sales for 2012 published novel.


Similarly, the Divergent movies increased the sales of Divergent (published 2011), Insurgent (published 2012), and Allegiant (published 2013) to the third, fourth, and fifth spots on the list, as did the If I Stay film which brought Gayle Forman’s book (published 2009), to the ninth spot, and The Maze Runner movie brought James Dashner’s book (published 2009), to the thirteenth spot.


In fact, over half of the top twenty on the list have a movie out based on the book, which goes to show you that movies very much influence the sale of a book.  I would venture to say that despite the outcome of the movie, it’s still an increase in sales for the book it’s based off of.


Of course, it also shows that the young adult market is still going strong, and we certainly hope it stays like that for a while.

With that said, television shows based on adult fiction play a strong influence in sales, as Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander was fifteenth on the top twenty list, which was no doubt due to the introduction of the series on Starz, especially since the book was first published in 1992.


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