THE FEATHER SOCIETY – A Young Elites Inspired Group | Giveaway

In celebration of the tomorrow’s release of Marie Lu’s sequel to The Young Elites, The Rose Society, we here at TheFandom have announced our own villain group, The Feather Society! Yes, we can be just as notoriously bad as those Daggers and Roses! Well, maybe not, but we are not to be messed with!

I am Nat, aka The Sculptor.sculptor

I am the leader of The Feather Society andI have this way with water. I call to it, and it answers. I can control where it goes and how it moves. I can make it take form. I can surround someone with water, drown them in it if I choose, or if I want to be really evil, I can even extract it from your body. After all, your body is mostly made up of water.
Let me introduce you to my group of villains!

Leslie, aka Temporesstemporess

I can freeze the world around me while I remain unaffected. This helps me move around undetected and is useful in a fight. I can work without worry about time, which helps when I’m breaking in somewhere, or escaping my foes.

Nicole, aka Whispwhisp

The power of compulsion is my gift. I’m able to get people to do what I want them to, but once they’ve done it they lose all memory of it

Stephanie, aka Greygrey

I am immortal. Nothing can kill me so I am able to keep coming back and fighting. Even though it might take some time never stop thinking that I am right around the corner. Because of my power I am able to control many governments. I have been behind so many powerful people. I am the real power behind the throne.

Kait, aka The Spoilerspoiler

My touch is powerful…to books. I touch a book, I learn what it’s all about, and then ruthlessly spoil it for me enemies! Muahahaha!

What’s your villain identity? Let us know and you could win a signed ARC of Marie Lu’s The Young Elites!

Comment below with your villain identity and your power, or tweet it to us at @fandomnet using the hashtag #MyVillainID!  You have until Tuesday, October 20th 11:59pm PDT!

But if you already have The Young Elites, don’t forget to get your copy of The Rose Society, which hits stores tomorrow!

Face vector designed by Freepik

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