THE FLASH 2.02 Recap – ‘Flash Of Two Worlds’

THE FLASH 2.02 unveils the secrets of the multiverse!

‘Flash of Two Worlds’ picks up right where the premiere episode left off: Jay Garrick is in STAR Labs, offering up his help to the team. Everyone is remarkably chill about Jay erupting on to the scene from another world and revealing a new nemesis. Zoom and Jay are natural in-world enemies, but Zoom means to destroy all the speedsters, including Barry… because eeeeevil.

And then Caitlin Snow and Jay Garrick started flirting and talking about moving past the things they left behind and IT FEELS TOO SOON. Yes, Ronnie died a year ago but we still love that relationship. They were soulmates, dammit! Plus, what to do we call this new ‘ship? Snowjay? Caitrick? We must decide!

unnamed (1)

Meanwhile, our first impression of Patty Spivot is a little grating. This girl is more than proactive about her cause, she’s super eager. And also a triple-majoring genius who is also an excellent cop who talks at a million miles an hour. She also straight-up fangirls over Barry. Slow your roll, woman!

unnamed (4)

Back at STAR Labs, Barry Allen has trust issues and he’s all sorts of jealous that his friends are taking to Jay Garrick quickly. WHOMP WHOMP. Caitlin’s hair wave/awkward side bangs nearly distract us from Cisco’s adorable territorial jokes and Barry rejecting help from Jay, the only person who knows how to defeat the guy Barry needs to defeat, therefore wasting tons of time and risking others’ safety.

unnamed (3)

And what is happening to Cisco? Can he see the past? Can he see into other timelines? All of the above? Either way, his space-time continuum shifting ‘oh’ face is slightly disturbing. Maybe his new BFFL, Dr. Stein, can help him find a solution?

unnamed (2)

Then Patty Spivot goes in for the kill. She takes down Joe’s fleeing suspect in badass fashion and then makes a Holy Grail reference, which the 17 CW watchers who also know about Monty Python certainly appreciated. She’s growing on us!


Naturally, a Green Arrow reference is made. And bless his heart, Cisco makes fun of the fact that they’ve added a color to his name. Thank you, Cisco!

The reveal of Patty’s motivation interrupted by a well-timed kidnapping by Sand Demon and finally, Barry enlists Jay’s help. At this point, it seems like Jay’s going to be Barry’s Season 2 Harrison Wells-style mentor, except way hunkier.


Thanks to the fact that STAR Labs just has Jay’s helmet chillin’ he’s able to join in on Barry’s defeat of Sand Demon. All they needed was to add a little lightning to turn the sand into glass! We hope that, like us, the writers learned this from Sweet Home Alabama.


By the time it’s all over, we like Patty Spivot. We think.

And oh, just when things were chill, Mrs. West is here! She’s not an Earth-2 character, after all! She exists in this universe and left Joe and Iris behind, it seems. No love from us for Mrs. West, then!


And in the final moments kicker– Oh hai there’s Harrison Wells 2.0 on Earth-2 in a way cooler STAR Labs! We knew Tom Cavanaugh would be making his return, so this isn’t too surprising. But why does the character still seem vaguely creepy?! Perhaps we’ll find out next week!

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