THE FLASH 2.05 Recap – ‘The Darkness And The Light’

We’re back for another recap of The Flash, this time for ‘The Darkness And The Light’!

The team at STAR Labs are trying to cope with Harrison Wells 2.0, whose defeated King Shark and is now desperate to help Barry defeat Zoom. Of course, he looks like the guy who killed everyone close to them and it’s all confusing and nobody trusts anyone.


But this Wells took years to even admit he caused the dark matter explosion that created Earth-2 metahumans and then created metahuman sensing technology so he could profit off his mistake, so Jay Garrick definitely has a beef with him.

Seriously, he may be a bigger jerk than the Harrison Wells that was trying to kill everyone.

To give Barry the courage to ask out Patty, Cisco tries to ask out Kendra Saunders (aka HAWKGIRL!) because apparently Cisco is destined to be in a love triangle with the Legends of Tomorrow cast. He gets a stone cold rejection, as he should.


..But then at the end of the episode, she apologizes and asks him out even though he was actually pretty awful to her with his Thunderbird Danny Zuko impression.

Zoom has sent a new villain to take on The Flash: Doctor Light! Too bad for Zoom that Light just wants to get some cash and hide out somewhere safe.


The good doctor can control the intense heat and blinding luminosity of stars, which is actually pretty terrifying when you really consider it. That lady can blind you and then melt you in an instant! When she takes off her mask and Barry mentions aloud that Light is Linda Park’s doppleganger, she nearly does blind Barry. Which is unfortunate because he’s about to go on his first real date with Patty Spivot!


But thanks to Cisco “creepin’ and peepin'” via mini camera and mic, Barry makes it through most of his date with little to no issue. Of course, Patty absolutely notices that Barry can’t see, but he thinks up a good excuse on the fly and when it all ends, the first kiss ensues!


And as much as we hate to admit it… Parry is pretty freakin adorable.

Meanwhile, Caitlin and Jay have a two-minute conversation in a car while scouting Central City Picture News for Doctor Light, discuss the existence of Atlantis on Earth-2, and also kiss because apparently rediscovering Atlantis makes them feel romantic things. Thankfully, Doctor Light came along to break that shizz up.

Light attacks Linda and Iris at Central City Picture News, planning to kill Linda and take over her identity– because the best way to discretely do so is to attack her in front of several witnesses. When Iris shoots off Light’s mask, she goes a-runnin’!

Back to the quest to defeat Light, Harrison Wells– not-so-affectionately called “Harry”– continues his dickish ways by exposing that Cisco is a metahuman and, when he struggles to control ignite his powers, forces them on Cisco in a somewhat traumatic fashion. But Team Flash gets answers so there’s no time to discuss all the reasons why that was NOT OKAY.

But it’s okay because Cisco is a hero and HE SHALL BE CALLED VIBE!


Barry has a show down with Light at a train station, thanks to Cisco. But he’s not sure how to beat her and oops, neither does Jay Garrick, who usually has the answers. Well thank goodness Wells 2.0 is there to show Jay up! In another “But I’ve never run that fast before!” moment, Barry confused her into submission by creating residual images of himself all over the place. Thankfully, she decides NOT to send out a 360 blast like she did earlier in the episode!

In the episode kicker, we finally understand why Earth-2 Harrison Wells is so invested in killing Zoom: He’s got Wells’ daughter held captive. Whhaaaaaat?!

Until next week!

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