The Flash 2.06 Recap – ‘Enter Zoom’

So let’s talk about what may be our favorite episode of The Flash so far, ‘Enter Zoom’!

It starts with a fake out! Doctor Light seems to be defeating The Flash and calling to Zoom, but we all know something ain’t right!

Doctor Light is in the STAR Labs prison, of course. She almost makes us feel a little bad for her. We also feel a little bad for Patty Spivot, because she totally calls Doctor Light’s unused power and just ignoring by Joe West. Yep, Doctor Light can go invisible! Cisco goes the bring her some food, she seemingly isn’t there, he opens the doors… AAAAAAND SHE’S GONE!

Which makes up wonder: Where is naked Doctor Light hanging about this whole time?

Meanwhile, we’re getting tons of backstory on Earth-2 Harrison Wells, including that his daughter is freakin’ Jesse Quick, a speedster with connections to Wally West! And Wally West is coming next episode and tons of stuff will be happening soon and.. *breathes into paper bag*


Also, Earth-2 Wells watches a video in which Earth-2 Robert Queen is Arrow and Oliver is dead..  and we kinda love it.

Wells thinks that if the group can bring Wells to Earth-1, he can take him out with his speed-slowing serum. But the “I don’t trust Wells club” is particularly strong this episode, so the plan meets plenty of skepticism despite getting the okay as part of a larger plan.


The team hatches a plan to catch Zoom by putting Doctor Light’s Earth-1 doppelganger, Linda Park, in Light’s suit, having her “defeat” The Flash, and call to Zoom. Her training scene is hilarious, most fun scene this season. Shooting cardboard cutout dummies of the other characters, she accidentally lights up more than specific targets annnd casually almost takes out Cisco.


And since he’s trusting her to risk his life, The Flash reveals his true identity to Linda Park. This probably means she’ll die soon, but it’s kind of worth it for her astonished “…I made out with The Flash.”

So The Flash and “Doctor Light” battle it out. Malese Jow is a wonderful actor in that Linda Park is a TERRIBLE actress!


Zoom knows it’s a trap and never shows up. Barry gives up when his sleeping foot/wedgie gets too harsh.


But laying on the ground for hours makes Barry need to kiss Patty, which is actually a very sweet scene. Patty was particularly shaky and “I must apologize for myself” throughout this episode. We didn’t dig it. But it’s nice to see her get some positivity at the end!

With the plan failed, Linda and Iris reutnr to work and each have a beer there like NBD…. AAAAND ZOOM HAS LINDA.


This fight scene is tough. Barry tries every trick his can think of, but it’s very clear that he’s outmatched by Zoom, who beats him to a bloody pulp.

Thankfully, Zoom parades Barry to the police station and Central City Picture News so Joe and Iris could see, but doesn’t unmask him til they get to STAR Labs. Unfortunately, he also stabs Barry and injects him with a ton of Wells’ anti-speed serum.


In the end, Barry survives the brutal beating due to his super healing abilities. But it’s pretty bad…


The Flash is paralyzed and with Zoom on the loose, Central City is in more danger than ever.

See you next week!

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