THE FLASH 2.07 Recap – ‘Gorilla Warfare’

It’s all about out-witting and not out-running in THE FLASH’s ‘Gorilla Warfare’!

Just call this episode “The Quick and the Restless” for short! Thanks to his ultra-fast healing capabilities, Barry is recovering, but slowly. He’s been lying to Patty about having the worst bug ever and he’s just not all that convincing. Meanwhile, after having one singular plan fail him, Harrison Wells is ready to skip town– so naturally, Caitlin finally wants him to stay and help. Probably since her dear Jay Garrick has disappeared to we don’t even know where.


Cisco is the only one having a good time, really. He’s taking Kendra on a date to see Princess Bride… YAAAAAS! More reasons reasons why Cisco is our favorite!


Unfortunately, he “vibes” her as Hawkgirl, which is apparently the ultimate cockblock as he runs out immediately.


Then our villain comes in– Grodd has decided to strike again! The ultra-smart telepathic gorilla is out to make more gorillas like him and, after procuring some needed chemicals and killing some humans along the way, he makes Caitlin his prisoner in order to do so. All it takes is a little mind control!


In STAR labs, Joe is losing his mind because he absolutely had a bad experience with Grodd. Now Barry has to figure out his worth without his speed, and our boy is struggle-busing. He isn’t getting his speed back as quickly as he’d hoped and the sudden limitations are breaking him down. So Iris calls in the reinforcements: Henry Allen is back!

He not-so-subtlety reminds Barry to stop stressing out all the time and gives him a pep talk that’s actually soul-crushingly good.


Since Eobard Thawne as Harrison Wells was Grodd’s “father”, Earth-2 Harrison Wells tries to play the part to help get Caitlin back. Unforunately, real Harrison Wells is bad at being fake Harrison Wells. It doesn’t work initially and Grodd sees past his daddy issues, but Wells manages a quick turnaround and gives Grodd a chemical cocktail to incapacitate him.


Henry volunteers Barry to get Grodd through a breach in the space-time continuum to a new location, like “Hey… NBD!” Barry has some relapses and almost dies thanks to this, but thankfully Caitlin is still on Grodd’s good side. Then good old dad makes Barry push Grodd through the breach, into a specialized gorilla sanctuary on Earth-2. Gorilla city! So we guess it’s not all bad!


To cap everything off, the couples make up! Barry uses his dad’s return as an excuse with Patty for the compound lie win. They’re all kisses by the end, but there’s some underlying tension.

Cisco holds up a flowers and chocolate basket for Kendra as Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” plays and MY LIFE IS COMPLETE.


Next up is the Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow crossover and WE ARE NOT PREPARED!