THE FLASH 2.09 Recap – ‘Running To Stand Still’

It’s time to bust out The Flash 2.09 recap for the mid-season finale / Christmas episode, ‘Running To Stand Still’! It wasn’t as climactic as we’d hoped, but it was still a really fun episode to end 2015 on!

It all starts with Harrison Wells being chased through STAR Labs by Zoom– Who can’t keep up with Harry’s side dives? When caught, he says Zoom can kill him so long as he releases Jesse. And then things get weird.


From there, we return to more normal, everyday affairs in the life of a superhero. Barry and Patty are being adorable until interrupted by Iris, who is riddled with guilt weeks after realizing she has a brother. Iris tells Barry, they resolve to tell Joe even though they know it will be especially tough for him.


Meanwhile, Weather Wizard breaks into Iron Heights to bust out Captain Cold and The Trickster. Because he wants to cause enough chaos to take down The Flash and he likes them for the job. NO REALLY.

At STAR Labs, Wells is sketchier than ever and it’s clear to see that Zoom has manipulated him in some way. Caitlin and Jay flirt in their awkward, quiet way and Cisco is done with it, dammit!


Joe gets the news of Wally from Iris and, in the most realistic part of the episode, he has no idea how to handle it.

Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold breaks into Joe’s house and warns Barry that the other two villains are out to kill him, but refuses to give him any details. He also jacked the hot cocoa mix, but it sadly left without mini marshmallows to melt inside.


The Trickster releases a threatening video, from which both Team Flash and Patty find out his location thanks to a Mr. Jiggle Wiggle doll that’s reflected in his eyes. Of course, when they both get there, it’s rigged with explosive dreidels. Because Happy Hanukkah!


Barry manages to get them out of there and Patty’s reason for obsession with this case is revealed: Weather Wizard killed her father back when he was a regular ol’ criminal and she’s out for revenge! Patty has spent most of her years torn up over this and spills all the details to the nearest stranger, The Flash, including how it affect her ability to love Barry.


The Flash catches up with Weather Wizard and The Trickster, who reveal that they’ve handed out dozens of bombs to the children of Central City. Genuinely messed up, folks! But don’t worry! Cisco and Harry have a plan… and it involves stealing Christmas presents from children.


While Harry and Cisco try to find a bomb and drag it through the breach, attracting all the other bombs through the breach, Barry is being slowly tortured. But when they’re gone, Barry defeats both enemies in mere seconds. Patty almost kills Mark Marden, but The Flash convinces her not to, saving the ruination of her soul for a later date. Whew!

It all closes up with a Christmas scene. It’s a load of cute, even the questionable Snowjay kiss. Patty is rocking an ugly sweater and all is well.. Then the doorbell rings. IT’S WALLY WEST!


After a few awkward moments, Joe invites him in and the West family reunion begins! We’ll see how that’s working out in several weeks.

But things can’t end on a happy note, so we finish with Earth 2 Wells agreeing to betray The Flash, just as we suspected all along. Nothing like a little Christmas to make you desperate to save your family, we suppose!

See you in the new year, The Flash!


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