THE FLASH 2.10 Recap – ‘Potential Energy’

Tension takes over in THE FLASH 2.10 – ‘Potential Energy!’

Welcome back to The Flash! Things get started with Barry/Patty opening scene was so sickly sweet that we’re glad at was a dream sequence, but there’s a point: This episode is about Barry’s secret and how it affects his relationships.


But after that dream sequence, we start off with the Wests and their newest addition, Wally West, who is a bit of a jerk to Joe and Iris in their first scene together– and also maybe a criminal because somehow being dragged in recognizes him?


Cisco introduces “The Turtle,” his white whale, who can slow down everything around him. HE QUOTES MOBY DICK! The team believes he may be the key to slowing down Zoom. Barry tries to confront The Turtle, but his ability to control even The Flash’s potential energy makes him impossible to capture.

The Wests plan a major dinner to get to know Wally and he doesn’t show up, which makes for another Sad!Joe moment. But at this failed dinner party, Iris convinces Barry to tell Patty his secret for the sake of their relationship. Yet Harry convinces Barry not to tell her, saying it’s a sure way to get Patty killed.


Sooo Barry then invites Patty along to his mission as The Flash.


He takes her to an art exhibit where the team expects The Turtle to strike. Barry is JUST about to break the news when the baddie shows up. He almost kills Patty, but somehow, Barry manages to fight against the slow-down to save her in the nick of time. Of course, Patty knows none of this and believes Barry ditched her just before a major confession and abandoned her as The Turtle attacked.

Though seriously, how long can a girl’s boyfriend disappear every time a superhero shows up before she gets the point?! We like Patty’s character but her total lack of suspicion makes her look clueless and takes away from the capable, smart woman angle.

Caitlin and Jay have champagne in beakers and for once, we are actually charmed by Jay Garrick. This feels wrong.


When Barry knocks at Patty’s door, she’s looking at an offer from the Midway City?! She then chews him out like a pro and Barry, for some reason, let’s her leave without revealing a thing. Aaaaand then The Turtle comes and takes her!

Wally West is into some Fast And Furious shizz! It leads to a major confrontation with Joe, who Wally doesn’t have much respect for given that Joe never sought out Francine or knew he had a son.


His feelings of abandonment are a bit misplaced, but we understand why he feels them.

The Turtle and The Flash have an epic battle between slow and fast to save Patty. At first, The Turtle seems to have the upper hand, but Barry pulls through and saves Patty from becoming a living doll.


We don’t like Snowjay but… OY, CAN CAITLIN SNOW CATCH A BREAK?! She’s fallen for Jay Garrick who is now, apparently, on the verge of death. The only way to save him is to end this relationship, thank goodness get his speed back.

Barry goes to spill his secret to Patty but before he does, Patty tells him she’s moving away and dumps him, because she can’t put up with the inconsistency from him anymore. The feels. The feels are so real. OW.


Harrison, while recording a chilling “log” entry for his daughter, breaks into The Turtle’s cell and steals a nice chunk of his brain. It looks like the good scientist will be using it to create a way to slow down Barry and allow Zoom to steal his power– or maybe the other way around?!

If that wasn’t disturbing enough, the Reverse Flash freaking shows up at the very end to top it all off!



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