THE FLASH 2.12 Recap – ‘Fast Lane’

Barry may be too slow for the ‘Fast Lane’ in our THE FLASH 2.12 recap!

Just before the Particle Accelerator explosion, Tar Pit was dropped in– you guessed it– a tar pit. It dried over and he was stuck there for TWO. YEARS. No wonder he wants to get his hot, smother-y revenge in The Flash 2.12, ‘Fast Lane’!


Through his creepy audio diary, we learn the Harrison Wells has created a device to slowly siphon Barry’s speed and implanted it in The Flash suit. Unfortunately for him, Barry has decided to spend more time with him to solve the breech problem. Guilt galore!


Meanwhile, Wally is still drag racing after his mom’s death. With Joe too scared to test their fragile relationship, Iris makes it her mission to break up street racing in the city. But her snooping for a newspaper exposé is certainly getting her into hot water with some bad people.


The crew gets word of an incident involving Tar Pit via Cisco’s “metahuman tinder”. When Barry goes to investigate, we see Wells stealing the first bit of his speed. Uh oh!

Of course, it’s just after this that Barry, who is not quite feeling like himself, discovers the secret to closing the breeches. He and Wells test it in a thrilling bonding moment.

It’s all interrupted when Tar Pit shows up at a street race to confront an old for. He sends Wally’s car flying. Barry manages to save Wally and save Tar Pit’s target, but when a chunk of glass from the car flies toward Iris, Barry is just slightly too slow. The glass strikes Iris right through the shoulder.


Thankfully, Iris’ injury is not too grievous. But following her injury, Joe has some real talk with Wally about responsibility. He steps up as a father and Wally is pretty receptive. When Joe is called away, Wally stays with his sister.


Barry notices his slower speed. Cisco and Caitlin’s science confirms it. As they theorize as to how it happened, Wells’ dam of guilt breaks. He admits to stealing Barry’s speed and quickly finds himself in jail. When confronted, Wells explains that he’s trying to save his daughter and by coming clean, he’s almost guaranteed her death.


The team manages to take down Tar Pit pretty easily using the new breech implosion devices, with the help of a handy punch from Joe. Right in the kisser!

With Tar Pit out of the way, the team makes a major decision on Harrison Wells and his daughter’s fate on Earth-2:




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